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Gay and searching for acceptance

In the article “Gay and so alone” I felt sad for Marvin. Because he is gay, people pick on him. But the saddest thing of all is he thinks he is not normal. This is bad because it shows he puts himself down. Once, there was this kid in my school who was gay and they made fun of him. It just goes to show you the world can be so cruel. Why can’t we just accept each other for who we really are?
Jorge Solorio
East Valley HS (North Hollywood)

Once I finished reading “Gay and so alone” I couldn’t have been more depressed. I felt as if I knew his perspective of being gay. It made me think of all the guys out there who just happen to be gay and how important it is to treat them as equals and with respect. I hated how Marvin had to face the world every day, getting beat up and made fun of at school. I thought to myself about the kind of people there are in this world who don’t understand how to accept people, even if they are homosexual. I loved this article and I’m looking forward to reading more.
Katia Hausepian
Wilson MS (Glendale)

It breaks my heart to see how someone can be so disrespected just for being different and that this is happening all over the world. People often blind themselves, pretending that there is nothing wrong, but we have to learn to accept people for who they are. You have the right to love whoever you choose because it’s your life.
Gabby Rodriguez
East Valley HS

“Gay and so alone” was an inspiring story that many people can connect to. Marvin’s experience showed me the struggles that many gay people have to go through. Facing all those people and issues at school must have been a tough battle. Not having anyone to rely on was even worse and living a life in denial and hiding who he really was made life harder. This article informed me about a student’s experience of being gay. I understand the importance of living your life without self-doubt and just being yourself.
Maria Osorino
Bell Gardens HS

I felt really bad for Marvin because nobody liked him because he is gay. I disliked the priest who told him that homosexuality is one of the worst sins next to murder. When I read the part where he tells his mom that he is gay, the way she acted for months, it disappointed me. However, it made me happy when she finally accepted him. I’m glad he accepted himself later on.
Monique Torres
East Valley HS

The article “Gay and so alone” really caught my attention because I saw how hard it was for him to live in this world. When he wrote about how he struggled to be accepted was what most captured me. I really don’t know why teenagers can be so cruel. I truly believe if someone chooses to be gay, it can be his/her decision. They shouldn’t be mistreated. They’re just like everyone else.
Karen Flores
East Valley HS

Giving up meat

I really enjoyed reading “Going vegan was easier than I thought.” I liked it because it amazed me that someone who loved meat and ate meat so much could possibly become vegan. I tried once to become vegetarian but couldn’t. I give props to Addy for doing this because it is something you have to be committed to. It has to come from the heart. I am really glad there are people like this. It shows how much they really care about animals.
Ilce Lopez
Bell Gardens HS

Teens care about the election

The article “Making my vote count” was really inspiring to us because Fred  cared about the election. He went online and tried to find out more information about the candidates who were running. Young people should care about the election because whatever the president does becomes our future. It matters for our education and our family members who are immigrants. We should also care about the election because the economy is being affected. This affects not only adults, but young people as well.
Adriana Villarreal and Hermelinda Calderon
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

I loved the article “Where do you stand?” because I think it’s important for teens to learn about the election. Even though I cannot vote yet, I think it’s important to understand what’s happening in our world today because it will affect our lives in the future. It’s important for young people to start looking at our problems because one day we are going to be the ones to fix them.
Lauren Hansen
Wilson MS

We think youth should care about the election because we should know how the election will affect us. We know that each candidate has different opinions about the environment, education, immigration, etc., and that the decisions they make will affect us. We both have family members who are immigrants, and we know that the decisions the future president makes will allow them to stay in this country or force them to leave.
Roberto Godinez and Erick Omar Guzman
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

We think “Making my vote count” gives an important message to readers. More people should think about how important the election is. We think that young people should get involved in the election, so they can understand what is happening all over the world and know more about our economy. We also think that we young adults should get involved so that we care about important things like health insurance. We connect to this article because it teaches us that we should get involved in the elections if we care about our futures.
Jorge A. Martinez and Byron Chavez
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

A girl stopped living in her brother’s shadow

I really liked “Out of my brother’s shadow” because I felt like I could connect with it. I too have older siblings—three older sisters. They have all accomplished so much that I feel like I will never compare to anything they have done. For example, one of my sisters graduated as one of the top students in her high school and is now attending medical school at UCLA. She was always pushing me and encouraging me to do more, so I hopelessly tried to be like her. I eventually discovered what Charlene discovered, that I had to discover my own interests. This story helped remind me of how I have to become more independent and do what makes me happy.
Brenda Bonilla
Bell Gardens HS

I could really connect with “Out of my brother’s shadow” because I have two older brothers who are smart and really good athletes. Sometimes I feel like I have to measure up to their straight As, advanced and AP classes and math trophies. But I don’t like having the feeling that I have to do good because my brothers do. This article inspired me to change my motivation so that I can measure up to my expectations, not my brothers’.
Kimberly Coffman
Wilson MS

I just read the article “Out of my brother’s shadow.” I too have been in my brother’s shadow. When we were younger everyone thought my brother was so smart. I on the other hand didn’t inherit that gift. They expected more from me because I was his little sister. I really hated it. I felt so much pressure. In the end, everything turned out OK.
Yesenia Mendoza
Bell Gardens HS

Becoming a better person through faith

I think that your comic “Finding my faith” was very interesting. I liked it because it relates to people I know. I have had friends who were bullies and have changed. They told me that when they would bully other people, they would feel better because they had been bullied. They also told me that they knew what they were doing was not right, but continued because of their friends. One of my friends did go the way of the Lord and said that he found peace and love and he did change for the good.
Cesar Diaz
Bell Gardens HS

I really enjoyed the comic. I could relate to the guy running around with the wrong people and getting into fights. I changed like Raymond did at the end. I always had God, so I didn’t change because of God, but because of my mom. The comic made me think about my life and how I was going to end up. That’s why I enjoyed it.
Gregory Tomas
Bell Gardens HS

I connect with this article because I am a Christian. I have a strong faith in God and I know how big of an impact he has in people’s lives. I don’t get into fights, do drugs and I’m not involved in gang activities, but I do know the feeling you get when you accept Jesus into your life. Having faith in God is like having a giant weight lifted off of your shoulders. I can relate to this article because I have experienced the sensation of having God in my life.
Christina Verhauz
Wilson MS

Tired of being asked ‘what race are you?’

I hate being judged by my race. Sometimes people come and ask me if I am of Mexican origin. I say yes, but it bugs me how people just come up to you and ask what your race is to judge you based on seeing you on the outside. I also get annoyed when I see kids call all Asians “Chinese” only by looking at their physical features. I feel sorry for them and everyone else who has been asked that rude question. If I could change something in the world, it would be having people say “Good day” instead of “What race are you?”
Jesus Palapa
Wilson MS

When I read the article “Don’t ask” it really caught my attention. I think race should not matter because you’re a human and that’s all that should matter to people. Also, I thought it was pretty messed up how some people care so much about Brandy’s race. I thought it was a good article.
Angel Siajes

East Valley HS

I enjoyed this story because I could relate. I’m German/Assyrian and for some reason, people think I’m Armenian. They act differently when they find out they are wrong. Sometimes they’re nicer, sometimes meaner. Does it really matter?! This story showed that people are being judged too fast. Your personality has nothing to do with your skin color or where you were born.
Allina Urumieh
Wilson MS

A foster youth on his own at 18

This article made me think about the foster care system because many people don’t realize that foster children aren’t getting the knowledge they need to survive on their own. I think foster kids should be able to stay in foster care until they turn 21 and get the knowledge they need.
Jett Mosman
East Valley HS

Halloween surprises

I loved reading the short stories about trick-or-treating, “Tricks not treats.” The one that really grabbed my attention was the one called “Rinse twice.” This story made me feel as if I was on a mystical, spooky, yet funny adventure. The fact that the old lady gave Jackie and her friend chocolate shampoo made me want to read more. It sounded so magical and unrealistic, yet it happened. Now I want to use chocolate shampoo. Where does this old lady live?
Nineli Mirabian

Wilson MS