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Adventures in Baby-sitting

The adventures in baby-sitting article by Ashley Zartner caught my eye. I bet it must have been hard baby-sitting five children. I have baby-sat for my cousin many times and it is a job for a very responsible person, and even more so if the children are small. I had to baby-sit three girls, a 9-year-old, 2-year-old and a 2-month-old. I agree with the dos and don’ts, too. When I baby-sit I get involved with the kids. I take them outside to play, paint or watch movies and read books. This is a great way to prove you’re responsible.
—Laura Diaz, Hollywood HS


I have always thought of telemarketers as people who have nothing better to do and a waste of time. When I would receive a telemarketing call I would just hang up or say that the person they were looking for wasn’t home. Now after I have read the article about telemarketing I understand better where the people are coming from; they are just doing their jobs. Like everyone else in the world they have been hired to do a job. This job has them bugging people every day and maybe they have no other choice. So now I will actually listen to what these telemarketers say instead of hanging up on them because now I know that their jobs might be on the line.
—Honeycell Medrano, Hollywood HS

Job interview tips

I find the job interview tips helpful. It’s hard, in my opinion, to prepare for a job interview if you don’t know what to expect. The dos and don’ts helped, too. I also found the baby-sitting article helpful. When I baby-sit I don’t know what to do with the kids other than watch TV. I’ve done the too much sugar thing so many times and the kids are always hyper and hard to control afterward. It’s hard for them to listen to you if the parents don’t discipline them, but somehow it ends up working out.
—Perla Campos, Hollywood HS

Focus groups

I think it’s really interesting that people can get paid for their opinions. For example, the young girl, Jennifer Gottesfeld, got paid for previewing the new Tarzan television show on The WB. It’s awkward yet intriguing. Most people need jobs and I guess that would be an excellent thing to do. It doesn’t take much time and it would be fun doing it. I wouldn’t mind previewing a new television show. It’s pretty cool that companies are doing this to get people’s opinions. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know if their item or show was good enough for customers or the viewing audience.
—Marisol Arredondo, Hollywood HS