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Jewelry maker

I think it’s really cool to make your own jewelry. There really are a lot of things to choose from to make whatever you want. The way that the writer decided to go downtown and make her own earrings and eventually sell them to people at school is awesome. It makes me want to go to the Fashion District and make my own jewelry!
Sophia Quan
San Gabriel HS

The right college for me

When I read “I found great schools at the right price” I was amazed at how much effort it takes to choose a college. I always thought that you just choose a few colleges you like and you’re done. But now I see that there are many other variables, like price and location, that have an effect on your decision. I found this article really informative.
Kit Ho
San Gabriel HS

Seeing my grandpa before he died

I loved this article. It made me think of my grandpa and how I wasn’t able to see him during his last few days. I think Justin is really lucky because most of us don’t appreciate our elders until they are gone.
Charline Nacion

Madison MS (North Hollywood)

As I was reading “A chance to say goodbye” it brought back memories of my grandpa. He might be hard on me, but I realized that he does these things because he loves me. I never tell my grandpa that I love him. But I know that if I wait too long, I will regret it for the rest of my life. This article taught me that you should never take anything or anyone for granted because you don’t know when they will be gone.
Gabby Rodriguez

East Valley HS (North Hollywood)

I connected to this article. I lost my grandpa on March 11. I know how it feels and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. It is great Justin had a last chance to say goodbye, show his grandpa he cared and was there to help him. I learned to appreciate my family and live life to the fullest each day.
Rosallyn Soto
East Valley HS

I liked Justin’s story. It reminded me of when my grandpa and grandma died. He showed the deep feelings that happen when a loved one is dying. This story was very heartfelt and showed me that loved ones stay in your heart forever.
Mohammed Islam

Madison MS

I am very close to my grandfather. If anything ever happened to him or if he got sick, I’m not sure what I would do. This article makes me grateful to know that my grandfather is only about an hour drive away and not in a different country. I remember when I was younger, my grandfather had knee surgery and even though I knew it was a simple procedure, I was still crying in the waiting room the whole time he was in the operating room. I would never be able to see my grandfather in pain like Justin had to. I admire Justin’s strength to stay by his grandfather’s side at such a rough time. I never want to take my family for granted, especially my grandparents ,who are old. Hopefully people learn from this article and try to take the time to be involved with their loved ones. Even if they’re far from one another they can make the effort and call.
Nene Anda
North Hollywood HS

Reading this makes me regret not being able to spend time with my grandpa before he died. He lived in Vietnam and was a very cheerful man. The last time I saw him was four years ago when I last visited. When we got news of his passing, I was sad that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to him. I thought he was fine, perfectly healthy, at least for his age. Reading this article brings back memories from when I did spend time with him. My grandma said he was a good man and I agree. I just wish I could’ve said goodbye.
Henry Banh

San Gabriel HS

This article really touched me. Lucky for Justin, he could visit his grandpa one last time before he passed away. For me, I can never see how my grandpa looked or acted. He died before I was even born. I asked my father about Grandpa and he said he was a great man. I just wish I could’ve met him, at least once. Once a year I go to Rose Hills to visit my grandfather’s grave. I talk to him every time I go. I wish I had gotten a chance to say goodbye.
Mandy Leung
San Gabriel HS

I don’t have to act a certain way because I’m black

I found the article “Race shouldn’t matter” the most interesting and upsetting. I have never been told who to talk to or hang out with, but I can imagine that it must have been difficult to hear the comments of others and not feel like you could do anything about them.
Satenik Houhannisyan

Wilson MS (Glendale)

I thought “Race shouldn’t matter” was interesting because people usually fit in with others of the same race. Your own race not accepting you makes you feel different and like you don’t fit in anywhere. I’m glad the writer didn’t choose her friends according to their race but based on their personalities, because race really shouldn’t matter.

Leslie Trinh
San Gabriel HS

The article “Race shouldn’t matter” was amazing. The writer’s courage of being able to withstand those comments was impressive. The writer is right—race shouldn’t matter. Everyone is different. We live with a variety of ethnicities in our country. You can be African American and enjoy Japanese music or an Asian who loves American food rather than Chinese food. I’m Asian and I love hip-hop and rap and rock. It doesn’t matter what you are, because everyone likes their own thing.
Jacqueline Nguyen
San Gabriel HS

Driving while talking and texting

This article hit pretty close to home. I am scared to be in the car with my sister while she is driving and using her phone at the same time. Whenever I see her take her eyes off the road to reply to a message she scares the crap out of me. I am trying to get her to stop. It’s good to know that I am not the only one who has to deal with this. It’s a relief to see this article in the paper.
Humphrey Miranda

North Hollywood HS

Whenever I see people talking on the phone and driving at the same time I think, “Where’s the police when you need them?” It makes me nervous seeing people talk on the phone and driving at the same time. I especially feel worried if they’re texting and if they’re driving a car with a big dent. It makes me think they’ve hit something already PLUS they’re doing something unsafe at the same time. People should just ignore their phones and drive. Way to speak up Joyce!
Viola Quach

San Gabriel HS

After reading “Hang up and drive” I found myself thinking about how true the article is. It makes me sad that people don’t obey laws that were designed to protect them. We should all be like Joyce and be responsible—make the road a safer place for everyone and hold the call for some other time. But at the end of the day, there is always someone who thinks their phone call is more important than the safety of those around them.
James Stojic
San Gabriel HS

I thought this article was pretty interesting because most of it was true. When my friends offer me a ride I actually take their cell phones away so they won’t get distracted. And if someone important calls like their parents, I make them pull off to the side of the road so they can answer. I feel that I’m not only saving their lives, but mine too, and other drivers. When I’m in the car with my mom I try not to use my phone either since I’m co-piloting and I feel that she would get distracted with me being on the phone. This article was good and I hope more people read this article and become aware.
Casandra Escobedo
North Hollywood HS

I appreciate the article, “Hang up and drive.” I know many people who drive and talk on their cell phones at the same time. My aunt does it at times and her driving is noticeably slower. I decided to ignore it, but this article changed my mind. I’ll warn her and maybe even answer her cell phone next time.
Irene Diep
San Gabriel HS

Once teased, now I’m proud of my culture

Finally proud to be Korean” showed me how some people can be really immature when it comes to your looks. Those questions people asked Jean would really annoy me. Who says Koreans can only have small eyes or can only get bigger eyes by surgery? How I would love for everyone to stop stereotyping different races!
Connie Lieu

San Gabriel HS

This is such an inspirational story. I am happy for Jean. Even though people made fun of her race, she learned about her culture and embraced it. A person isn’t whole without their culture.
Heather Tran

San Gabriel HS

I never really thought about my culture, but the article “Finally proud to be Korean” made me think. As an Asian I’ve had my ups and downs dealing with my culture. For example, Asians were believed to have pale skin, straight hair and intelligence in math. However, since I don’t fit those categories, many people were surprised to find out my ethnicity. I love the way my family gathers together to celebrate special occasions and gives out red envelopes on Chinese New Year. Although I may have admired and sometimes wished to be part of another culture, I love being Chinese the most.
Candice Ly
San Gabriel HS

Is it OK to cheat at school?

After I read this article it helped me understand why people cheat. But if you do your work and try to focus your free time on studying, you shouldn’t have to cheat. People shouldn’t have reasons to cheat but sometimes they make up excuses because they didn’t study. I still think cheating is bad. Maybe people cheat once in a while but they shouldn’t make it a habit.
Homer Torres
Madison MS