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I ran away

As I was reading the article “Anywhere but home” I realized how similar my life is to the author’s. I also have problems with my family because my dad is very strict and my mom is not the type you can sit and talk to. I sometimes think of running away but after reading this article and seeing what types of problems the author got into, I changed my mind. I really enjoyed reading this article because I can feel her pain and relate to it. It has helped me change my mind about my life. I’m glad I have my best friend to talk to about my problems.
Diana Akseralyan, North Hollywood HS

The article “Anywhere but home” really stood out from the rest of the articles. I was really into this article and felt that reading it once wasn’t enough! I could easily connect with the author because I could see myself in her shoes. I think that I have a complicated life as well, but after reading this article I realized that there are people who are in worse situations. Even though I don’t have a “perfect” life, this article made me look more deeply into it.
Izabel Kurtoglanyan, Wilson MS (Glendale)

It really touched me to know that this person faced many challenges, obstacles and struggles. This article is really heart-warming because she explains how the world is tough when you’re out there alone. It shows how running away can’t solve your problems, but hopefully talking to an adult will. I am glad she decided to make a change after being placed in a placement. Now she has someone to confide in, which is important so she can get help or advice.
Cindy Valladares, Cochran MS

This article was very interesting. I, too, sometimes think about running away, but I forget about it the next day. There are times when I think running away will solve my problems but then I know the only way to deal with problems is by facing them.
Raul Pizano, East Valley HS (North Hollywood)

I really connected to the article “Anywhere but home.” There have been times when I’ve gotten into huge arguments with my parents and I childishly thought about running away and living in the park or something ludicrous like that. When I read the article about this young lady I thought, “Wow, I am lucky.” I also think that this article is good for teens who get mad at their parents for dumb fights that might end the next day and think of running away. There is always a dark side to running away.
Tigran Ghukasyan, Wilson MS

This article shows good ways to help you solve your problems. What crossed my mind was that sometimes you just need to communicate and let your feelings out because running away from everything won’t make anything go away.
Xiomara Gonzalez, East Valley HS

This article really stood out. It actually describes what it’s like being on the streets, taking drugs and drinking. I also kind of relate in a way. There was a time I ran away from home too, but I didn’t know where to go. At first I felt a little happy because I thought my parents were worrying about me. But I started thinking about everything—my school and my future—so I went back. I believe problems depress us and even cause us to do some horrible things, but when we think of it, it’s just an obstacle in life and God is not going to give us a problem we can’t handle. We think we can’t, but we just haven’t tried yet.
Name withheld, Wilson MS (Glendale)

My first date

I think the article “My first date” helps because not everyone knows what to do on the first date. Stacey’s tips will really help in the future. I remember my first date. If I would have read this article it would have helped to me think it through.
Ana Karen Esquivel, East Valley HS

This article reminded me of my first date so much. We acted just like they did and he was the most nervous. He had never kissed a girl before and thought I was going to kiss him on the lips and I went closer and kissed him on the cheek. We didn’t kiss on the lips until the third date. That’s when we thought we were in love; you know the little teenage thing.
Whitney Batcher, Cochran MS

I like the article “My first date” because it’s really cool that their parents let them go out to the movies. What I learned from this article is not to get nervous when you’re talking to girls. It will also be nice if you offer them a drink or some ice cream. Thank you for sharing your article with us because we can learn from mistakes and I learned a lot.
Josue Prado, Cochran MS

This was a good article. If I was on my first date I’d be nervous like the guy because I would probably barely know the girl. At the same time I’ll be a man and try not to be nervous because girls don’t like guys acting that way. They want a man not a kid!
Martin Lopez, East Valley HS

It’s interesting to know how it feels to go out on a date with the boy you like. I think this is a good story because she describes how she felt and what they talked about. It makes me feel it could be a good thing to date.
Genesis Parada, Cochran MS

I really liked the article “My first date.” It was really cool that they liked each other for themselves. It’s too bad that it didn’t work out! But you learn from your mistakes.
Shirley Rodriguez, East Valley HS

Tolerance for gays at school

When I was reading the article “Is your school accepting of gay students?” I was shocked. I have a few friends who are gay or lesbian. What really bothers me is how there would always be someone who would be so immature to start calling them names. Even when we would go up to them and ask them politely to stop, they would just laugh at us. A few of my friends are used to it but I say getting judged and picked on for who you are is nothing to get used to.
Katherine Salvari, East Valley HS

I really enjoyed this article even though I’m not gay. I knew a boy at my old school who was gay. People used to make fun of me because I used to hang around him every day. They used to say, “You are going to turn gay.” So I’m just saying if you see someone who is gay, don’t judge, make fun of them or fight with them just because they’re gay.
Ryan Pool, Cochran MS

My brother in Iraq

I think that Brandy is right about the war. It is stupid and unnecessary. I really don’t get why we’re still at war. It is costing many lives. I think that if one of my family members went to war I would be very depressed because they could die any day and for a stupid reason. Although if I don’t have the grades to go to college I might take the Army into consideration.
Oscar Amezcua, East Valley HS

My favorite article is “My brother in Iraq” because my dad is in Iraq. My story is very similar to Brandy’s because she talks about how she has to e-mail her brother on MySpace and anxiously wait for him to reply. It’s the same situation for me. My dad has been in Iraq for six months. Brandy is very lucky that her brother came back home safely.
Genesis Stewart, Cochran MS

I have an uncle and a friend in Iraq. Sometimes I feel the same as Brandy. I wonder where they are, what they are doing and if they are OK. I think the war is bad because people are getting killed and their families are sad and get worried about them. War is not the answer and it should stop!
Ismael Sanchez, Cochran MS

I’m really into learning about the war. It’s not that I like war, I actually hate war. I enjoyed this article a lot because Brandy was able to express the stress and pain she and her mom went through while her brother was in Iraq. Many people don’t even know what is going on in the war. Brandy is one of the people hurt by war. Luckily, her brother survived, but not all people at war do.
Karla Bautista, Cochran MS

Fighting cancer

By reading “A cause close to my heart” I learned about a disease that I didn’t know existed and even learned about someone who actually started a foundation and went a long way to help a cause. I never thought a teen would actually take the time to start a foundation but I was wrong. I guess all teens have the potential to do anything, especially to start a foundation or help the sick.
Tiffany Orrego, East Valley HS

Alone again

As I was reading “Alone again” I thought to myself that everyone gets rejected at least once in their lives. No matter if it is in relationships or school. So don’t beat yourself up if you get rejected. Just look at it as an opportunity to experience something bigger and better.
Lynamber Magruder, East Valley