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A day in our lives photo essay

I agree with you guys that the adults these days think that us kids are going crazy. They got to stop saying that. Some kids are crazy, but others are normal. I think they should have more articles like this, because there are other schools like this.
—Steven Acosta, San Gabriel HS

I identified with this article, because my parents also think that kids at school are going crazy and doing drugs. But just because a few kids do drugs doesn’t mean that all kids are doing the same thing. We’re kids, and we need some fun. We can do it without drugs.
—Eluia Arjona, San Gabriel HS

I saw a lot of familiar faces from Hassan’s pictures. You should do more stuff like that. I can relate to their everyday lives.
—Shalonda Goodman, Hollywood HS

It’s cool to be a virgin

I want to congratulate Sami Temsah for being brave enough to write her article about virginity. I could see how many people would be embarrassed to admit they’re virgins, just because it’s not cool to some people. It’s better not to give up the one thing that could never be returned to you than to give it to some Billy or Bob behind a local theater.
—Elizabeth Gutierrez, Centennial HS (Compton)

What I have to say about this article is—Rock on! I loved it. I am a firm believer in waiting till you’re married to have sex. I’m proud to be a virgin. I really don’t care what others think about me, just because I am a virgin. I am not ready to have sex, so why should I give into it? Just so I could "fit in" with my friends? No thanks.
—Sylvia Gevorkyan, Hollywood HS

I can relate to Sami, because I’ve been pressured so many times to have sex. But I know something inside of me tells me not to do it. My mom passed away 10 years ago and I think she’s the one who told me not to do it. I have lots of friends who have sex and I see them going to the doctor for pregnancy tests. I don’t want to be like that.
—Olga Ortiz, Hollywood HS

Eminem’s music

I love Eminem’s music. People need to stop making such a big deal out of his music. Just because people say something doesn’t mean it’s true. If you don’t like his music, then just don’t listen to it.
—Eliana Morales, 14, Centennial HS

Some say Eminem is just kidding and others say even though he’s just kidding, it’s still inappropriate. They say he can’t really rap and that he’s just a wannabe. Personally, I don’t believe that. I say if something is on your mind—talk about it. It shouldn’t matter what anyone says about what you do, as long as you do it and are serious about it.
—Marcus Contretas, 15, Centennial HS

It’s music, man!! In our First Amendment, it clearly says we have the freedom of speech. The gays shouldn’t be blaming Eminem, just because the world hates them. They made themselves gay. I don’t blame Eminem for singing like that. —Veronica Ceja, Centennial HS

I personally hate Eminem for all that he stands for, because I see him as an angry little punk, taking all his anger out on his music.
—Juan Gonzales, Hollywood HS

I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t find your newspaper interesting at all. It had nothing that hasn’t been seen or talked about on TV. Only for the reasons that teens get tired of adults bringing up something over and over and it just upsets people. Like the Eminem story—people need to understand that it’s just music, and if they don’t like it then they don’t need to listen to it.
—Vivian Rocha, San Gabriel HS

Street racing

My opinion toward this article is that it’s not right to race cars in the streets. People should not just customize their cars just to make them look like the best one in the neighborhood. If people do that, others will think they are either drug dealers or gangsters that carry a gun. They should not race their cars in the streets, because it can be a very dangerous thing.
—Magali Galvez, Centennial HS

The article called "Pushing my limits" is all lies. Vincent is just trying to show off to the people reading the article. Vincent is asking for a death wish by racing in the freeway and hitting up to 120 mph. That’s just stupid and dumb. He’s living with a fantasy. What a fantasy. He is just going to die young.
—Hung Thom, San Gabriel HS

This story was very accurate and interesting in my point of view toward the harsh reality of the kind of world we live in. Many people get killed every day on the streets thinking they have the right to do as they please on the road. But nothing gives them the right to kill someone who gets in the way of their reckless driving. It’s good that you have shown what racing against others can result in and that it’s not too late to change or to stop.
—Jesus Diaz, Hollywood HS

I think it’s great to have your own car and fix it up especially when you’re 17 years old and in high school. But what I have a problem with is when they start racing, because that’s how two of my friends died. They died while racing in the Pacoima area.
—Claudia Marin, San Gabriel HS

I don’t think a fixed-up car always belongs to a gangster or drug dealer. My friends and I have fixed-up cars with modified exhausts, body kits, etc. That doesn’t mean we’re gangsters. We’re never going to join a gang.
—Hung Nguyen, San Gabriel HS