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Falling for a bad boy

The artcle “I fell for a bad boy” taught me a lot. I’ve learned that when I have a crush on someone I better know who he is before dating him. The writer did terrifying things that her boyfriend did, like doing drugs and skipping school, but later on she knew it wasn’t good for her and that she needed to think about her education. The most important thing I learned is that when I have a boyfriend he can’t control me. I have to focus on my education—first education, then boys.
Melvina Tergalstanian, Wilson MS (Glendale)

When I read this article I was shocked that a girl would do drugs for a guy. Also, if your friends are telling you that he’s a womanizer, uses drugs and got kicked out of a class, that should tell you that he isn’t the one for you.
Joshua Valdez
, Centennial College Prep Academy (Huntington Park)

I could relate to this article because I’ve fallen for a bad boy. It started last fall when the boy I really liked got arrested for selling pills to kids at school. My world stopped when I found out because I really liked him. He had a really nice personality, was funny and knew how to cheer me up. Knowing that he might get kicked out of school was a bummer. I don’t know what it is about bad boys, but they always seem to get my attention.
Name withheld

Sports can still be fun, even if you’re not that good

I really enjoyed reading “Rough waters” because I can relate to it big time. When I joined my water polo club I was the worst one. I knew how to swim, but I had no clue how to pass, shoot or play the game. I felt so left out. But I kept my head in the game. Now I am better than some of my teammates who have been playing longer than me.
Haik Krmoian, Wilson MS

When I first started playing football I was getting hit really hard. I was going to quit, but I decided to keep trying. I worked very hard and by the first game of the season I was starting and I was the one hitting really hard. This was a great story.
Tyler Lousararian
, Wilson MS

Foster kids need help after they turn 18

I think that many people can relate to this article because even though emancipated foster youth are considered adults, they should not be left without some kind of help. I know that when I’m older I will still need help from my parents.
raquel321, comment from

A girl struggles with food allergies

Feather’s story reminded me of my sister. She’s allergic to pollen, some trees, bananas, kiwi and pineapple, and she’s lactose intolerant. At first she was upset. She would get mad whenever we ate pizza or ice cream, but now she’s found great alternatives. She gets pizza with soy cheese, drinks soy milk and eats many other yummy substitutes.
Veronica Zapata
, Madison MS (North Hollywood)

I am the type of person who eats just about anything, so getting food allergies would be a nightmare for me. If I get allergies in the future, however, I will gladly take shots in order to eat the foods I love again. Even though the thought of getting allergies really scares me, I’m glad that there would be a way to eat the foods I love.
Timothy Lee, Wilson MS

Getting over a fear of public speaking

I can relate to “Loud and clear” because I am in the same position that Brian was in. I am terrified of speaking in front of an audience. The problem is that I am shy and I don’t want to look stupid, so even the littlest things, such as presenting a project in front of the class, make me shake and stutter. Hopefully I can overcome my fear because I don’t want it to control my life.
Elisa Murillo
, Madison MS

A boy gives friends dating advice

Lessons in dating” gave me some golden advice. In the past I’ve liked girls but have done nothing. Now thanks to this article I know what to do. I like that the article gave some major hints such as don’t date your best friend or if you like two girls choose the second one. It also helped me when he explained how he asked his girlfriends out. Now if I ask someone out, I know what to say.
Geo Botticella, Wilson MS

A tall girl loves her shorter boyfriend

I really enjoyed “Height doesn’t matter.” As a tall girl, I have always felt awkward telling my friends I have a crush on a short guy. They always say, “He’s too short for you!” I hope people will stop judging and see that a real relationship has nothing to do with height.
Demi Famisan
, Madison MS

Wow Audrey, I applaud you. A lot of people are too superficial to look past stupid physical things like height, but you disregard them. And the fact that your significant other does too is really amazing.
, comment from

This article made me think about me and my girlfriend. Everyone made fun of us because she is taller than me. It would bother her, but not me. As time went on, she started not to care anymore. Thank god! The people in this article are in the same situation also. It makes me feel good that it’s not only us.
Avo Haroutunyan
, Wilson MS

Selling clothes online was a good way to earn money

I enjoyed this article because a lot of teens want a job and want to be independent and work for their money. I think it would be fun to sell clothes or video games online. After reading this article, I want to sell my old clothes too.
Anahit Boyajyan
, Madison MS