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Doing time in juvenile hall

Most teenagers take everything as a joke. I know I do sometimes, but this article is nothing to joke about. If I were in Peter’s situation I would probably go crazy thinking about what I should’ve done differently. I’d think about why I’d made such a stupid mistake. I think every decision comes with a consequence. Now I think before making a decision that might affect my future.
Itzel Rayas, East Valley HS (North Hollywood)

I really like this article because I can relate to it. My father was locked up six months after I was born. Dad was sentenced to 25 years to life. I never got to see him for my birthdays. He would write and tell me that he loves me and misses me and that jail wasn’t the right place for him. But he also told me he didn’t realize what he had until it was gone. That’s why I loved this article because it was the truth. Hopefully everybody understands this.
Name withheld

When I read “Doing time” I thought to myself, “What will I do in the future? Will I go to a good college, have a great family or will I end up like this?” Many people are very smart, but they just hang out with the wrong people and they can’t get their act together. I don’t even want to think of how my life would turn out if I made bad choices.
Elmer Claros, Hutchinson MS (La Mirada)

An unlikely friendship

As I was reading “Giving friendship a chance,” I thought Charlotte and Darby would never become friends but as I kept reading I found out that I was wrong. I think this is the type of friendship that will last a lifetime because having different personalities makes it more fun and they learn from each other. It’s kind of funny how you judge someone in a bad way and then the next day you’re best friends.
Karen Vela, East Valley HS

I really enjoyed this article. It’s that true people do really judge others like that. First impressions are really important to people. I remember once this new girl came into our tech lab class. My friend and I hated her because we thought she looked annoying and mean. Once we got to know her I really liked her. So always give friendship a try because you never know if you will end up being best friends.
Kristina Babakhanyan, Wilson MS (Glendale)

A loving foster home

I enjoyed this article. It’s nice to know that Raul has a loving home now. He deserves it after all he’s been through. I hope he has a better time in his foster home than his group home since now he has a loving family to look up to instead of all the fighting he had in his group home.
David Ortiz, Excel Charter Academy MS

I really liked the article “I’m finally in a loving home.” I thought it was sad at first but it had a happy ending. I think that Raul is lucky that his foster parents are very nice and that they care about him. Everyone needs someone to care about them and to love them, somebody you can talk to and open up to, someone who you can tell your secrets and feelings. I think that the group home shouldn’t treat kids they way they treated Raul. I think that he is very lucky that he has a foster family who cares about him, loves him and is there for him.
Lilit Ayvazyan, Wilson MS

This article reminds me of my stepsister. She used to work in a group home and was so giving to the kids there. She really felt sad when she heard their stories. I remember she even spent Christmas Eve with them. She always told me to be grateful for my friends and family. They might not be perfect, but they’re always around when I need them most.
Sara SantaMaria, Excel Charter Academy MS

When I read “I’m finally in a loving home” I realized being a foster child is a real challenge. In a group home there are many restrictions and limitations. Many children are not treated fairly. I really feel sad for children who have to live in a foster home, but I know that in some cases it has to be done. If parents would take on their responsibilities as parents then there would be no need for foster care. All children should be able to live with their own parents.
Darius Williams, Cochran MS

A concert celebrating gay pride

While reading this article I was thinking of one of my best friends who announced his homosexuality last summer. He said he knew for a long time, but he was afraid to come out because of all the discrimination gay people get. On top of that, my aunt is a lesbian. She’s not the “typical” lesbian and she is different in a way that made me see the real her and something other than the TV stereotype. Both of them helped me realized it doesn’t matter if a person is gay—love is love. Why can’t people understand that?
Katie Theobald, Wilson MS

I connect to the article “Proud to be here” because my brother is gay. When he was younger he used to think that all gay guys dressed a certain way. My mom took him to a place that supports gay and lesbian youth. He saw all these people who dressed just like him. After that, he never felt weird around people.
Kelly Williams, Cochran MS

I really enjoyed this article. Even though I’m not a gay guy, I can understand how being gay is difficult. I also liked this article because his mom accepted him for being gay. Many parents don’t have the same way of thinking. They don’t accept having gay or lesbian children, but Paul’s mother accepted him.
Carolina Gonzalez, Cochran MS

Visiting a nudist colony

I loved the article “The naked truth.” It explains how nudity isn’t as bad as people think. Yes, there are some who aren’t comfortable in their own skin, but it’s better than people judging you based on the clothes you wear. Those labels don’t matter in the nudist world.
Diana N. Garcia, East Valley HS

I think that being naked in front of everybody would be embarrassing because all the girls could see you. I would wear a leaf (like in the illustration) to cover myself. I would never be naked in front of everybody! I think the article is really cool because it will help kids think about other places. In my opinion it’s still a nightmare to be naked when everybody can see you!
Esvin Monroy, Cochran MS

Kel must have been very brave to actually go naked, not knowing the reactions he might get. I was really fascinated by this story because nowadays no one really talks or says anything about the nudist community. Reading this article I’ve learned so much about their way of life and that their way of life may be better than mine!
Donna Hiam, Wilson MS

I really disagree with this article. I don’t think it’s OK to walk around naked. To me, it’s nasty. I don’t see how it’s comfortable walking around naked with everyone looking at you. It’s like you’re cheating on yourself. You’re letting people who don’t mean anything to you see your body.
Sarai A., Excel Charter Academy MS

Rebuilding a home after Katrina

Building hope” is a nice story to read. I was amazed to see all these people from Cottonwood Christian Center help the people who lost their houses in Hurricane Katrina. I wish I was there to help them by donating food and clothes. Sometimes when I read these stories I can almost feel what the people are going through.
Sylvia Ayala, Cochran MS

I think this article is very inspirational. It taught me that I should help people even though they may be across the country. Not everyone is capable of helping Katrina victims financially, but we can all do our part and help. I thought Christina was very selfless when she spent one week of her time doing backbreaking work for people she didn’t even know. I think a lot of us can learn from her because some of us don’t even help the people we know and love. I think that if there were more people like Christina in the world it would be a much better place.
Ninette Mirzakhanian, Wilson MS