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Quitting cussing

The article “I swear not to swear” reminded me of a friend who used to cuss a lot. It was starting to get a little uncomfortable around him because he would constantly throw in a cuss word. I started to point out when he cursed and made it obvious that I did not appreciate it. He finally stopped. It shows that friends really can help each other out.
Ani Nazaryan, Clark Magnet HS (La Crescenta)

I really related to the story “I swear not to swear.” I went through the same phase as Hannah Song. This article showed the ups and downs of cursing, even though there are no real ups. This article was very interesting because there are examples of how cursing not only affects you but the people you love. It was hard for me to cut down my cursing so I understand how hard it was for her. Many people think it is easy but it really isn’t. I liked how her brother was her inspiration to stop cursing and how she tried to become a role model to others. Lately many kids have been swearing too much and I wonder if I was like that. Overall I thought this article was honest and at the same time very interesting!
Kimberly Acosta, International Studies Learning Center (South Gate)

Before I read this article I used to say a lot of bad and nasty words. Now I see swearing as unnecessary. I am proud to say that ever since reading this article, I haven’t said a bad or nasty word.
Heber Chavez, East Valley HS (North Hollywood)

I always thought cussing wasn’t a big deal, I mean everybody does it. What people don’t realize is that they’re hurting other people’s feelings. I remember one day my friend saw a sixth grader staring at her so she said, “What the f*** are you staring at?” I felt bad when the little girl ran away. People think it makes them look tough or something if they go around cussing all day. I cuss too, but I think it’s just stupid. If I can’t really express my feelings I start cussing. This story made me realize that there are better ways to show my feelings than swearing.
Sami Islam, Madison MS (North Hollywood)

Dealing with ADHD

Since I have ADHD and dyslexia, I can relate to this article in many ways. Reading “Learning to live with ADHD,” I found myself holding back laughter because of the similarities between the writer and me. I loved this article. It inspired me to not be ashamed of my disorder as I have been in the past, but to embrace it whole-heartedly.
Ryan Fleming, Wilson MS (Glendale)

Living without health insurance

I read the article “My family can’t afford to get sick” and it made me realize how important it is to have health insurance. For low-income families the high cost of health insurance is out of their budget. Health insurance is necessary because anyone can get sick. That is what happened to us one Saturday morning last month. My brother and I woke up with colds and fevers. So our parents took us to urgent care. After filling out the forms and paying the copayment of $10 each, we were seen by a doctor who prescribed antibiotics and other medicine to relieve our symptoms. The copayment for the antibiotics was $10; otherwise it is about $70 per prescription. I can’t imagine the cost of the doctor’s visit and medication for our colds had we not had health insurance. From now on, I will not take it for granted, and I hope that everyone in this country can afford to get health insurance.
Megan Llamas, Wilson MS

I was raised by a single mom

I can totally relate to the story, “My mom is all I need.” I’ve been in situations the writer has experienced. I love when she wrote, “Even though my dad is not around, I believe in myself because of my mom’s love and support.” It made me realize how much my mom has been there for me as a single parent raising a teenager on her own. Even though I’ve been hurt before, this article inspires me because Jessica has had it worse off than me.
Kheyli Torres, Wilson MS

I like this article because I can relate to most of the things she says. My parents separated when I was small and me and my brother stayed with my mom. She has always worked hard to give me and my brother what we need and more. Like Jessica, I think that my mom is all I need because I know my mom will always be there for me and my brother.
Elsa Reyes, East Valley HS

The article “My mom is all I need,” by Jessica Palomo, is a great story that makes me realize how important it is to have both of my parents with me. The struggles she describes in her article are much more difficult than what a regular teen goes through. I cannot imagine how hard it might be for her to deal with these types of problems. But what makes me happy is that she has her mom with her and Jessica is learning how to ignore negative comments that people around her say. When she mentions the occasion when her friend said sorry to her in school, it made me realize that as friends sometimes we try to help one another but instead we make things worse. After all, even though sometimes we feel that we are alone, at the end we notice that there is always someone by our side who is willing to help us.
Tania Gonzalez, International Studies Learning Center

Jeans are always in style

It’s true that everyone has their favorite pair of jeans that they think fits them well. I know I have my favorite. Something in this story that grabbed my attention is that jeans are getting really expensive—$200 is a lot for jeans. I guess it’s worth it because you can’t go wrong with them, right? I like the fact that he gives some history about jeans. It was something I didn’t even think about.
Marlen Rosales, International Studies Learning Center

Being undocumented, I thought college was out of reach

The article, “My American dream,” stood out to me because I know many people who think that college is out of reach because they are immigrants. The writer is in a tough situation, but in the end her hard work stands out because she got into college. I liked this article because it shows how important it is to fight for dreams even if they seem impossible.
Gema Rojas, East Valley HS

“My American dream” was a perfect article to read as I was applying to college and viewing the high prices I would have to pay. This inspirational story helped me see the struggles other people have to go through as they apply to college. I really enjoyed reading the part where she lets her friends know about her barrier and how they helped her find ways to go to college. The writer never let anything get in her way and in my opinion everyone should be like her, always following their dreams. I was not aware of the DREAM Act and I think this bill should be passed because it would provide a lot of opportunities for those who want to make a change in this country. I am very proud of the writer for not giving up. She has taught me that I should follow my dreams and never give up no matter how much it takes.
Victor Lopez, International Studies Learning Center

I like this article because it is similar to my family. My dad fought for 10 years to get his citizenship and to bring my mom here to the United Sates where I was born. This has shown me that hard work and dedication can get you what you want. The girl in the article wanted to go to college, which gives me hope that I will get the money to go to college one day too. Since my family doesn’t make a lot of money I will have to rely on financial aid and scholarships. It is good that the girl in the article wanted to go to college. Others could use this story as an inspiration to go to college as well.
Omar Lopez, Madison MS