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My friend became a teen mom

This article was a real eye-opener for me because I never really thought about how a pregnant girl feels about her pregnancy. I would usually just think those girls didn’t care about school, but this story about Michelle proved that was wrong. Michelle cared about school, she just never had sex education. People usually look down on pregnant teenagers and shun them, when what they need is a good friend to help them through that rough time. I think there should be more people like Solange in this world. Kudos to her for being such a good friend.
Bianca Tran
San Gabriel HS

I’ve always thought about how it feels to be pregnant and have tons of people see you at school every day with a huge belly, but yet I never want to know that feeling. I asked a couple of my family members about teenage pregnancy and they all said the same thing, to never risk it! One thing I found interesting was how Michelle’s best friend stood beside her the whole way. She was lucky in that aspect to have such a great friend. I think you should write another article like this one because it will open more eyes to sexual relationships and what to look out for and what to expect when you do have sex with someone.
Madeline Maldonado
Sunny Hills HS

I really enjoyed this article. My sister is a teen parent and I’ve seen how hard it is to have a child. Many teenage girls don’t realize all the time and stress that goes into having a baby. Your article really explains and shows what teenage girls go through when having to care for a young child.
Neshan Vidal
San Gabriel HS

I admire Michelle’s strength and courage to continue with school even though she was pregnant. Even after she had her baby, she went to school. I thought it was awesome that her friend Solange stuck with Michelle through everything. She even threw her a baby shower. I think Michelle is a strong girl and that she can get through any obstacle that comes her way.
Breanna Juarez
East Valley HS (North Hollywood)

I found this article interesting to read because it made me think twice. I think it’s sad how Michelle had to find out what responsibility really is the hard way. I don’t think students have the right to judge her. Students shouldn’t have treated her differently because she was pregnant. Nobody has the right to judge you. You learn from your mistakes. Also, it’s amazing how she can take care of her daughter and go to school.
Joana Garcia
East Valley HS

I really enjoyed this story because it shocked me to know how so many teenagers are pregnant even if it wasn’t their intention. I have a friend who also got pregnant at an early age. She was so shocked to find out she was pregnant. I was pretty shocked too, but I think she didn’t really mind having a baby and is glad with her decision. I have to say that I think that Michelle made the right decision to not give up Kaithlyn. I think this article shows that you shouldn’t give up no matter what obstacles are in your way, even if it means sacrificing certain things in your life.
Krisnel Miraflor
Wilson MS (Glendale)

I loved this article. It made me realize that if someone is a teenage mom it doesn’t mean she is an irresponsible, sexually active weirdo. It just means that she made one bad decision. Before reading this article I would probably judge someone who was a pregnant teenager. Now if I were to meet a pregnant teen, I would get to know them before I judged them.
Arlene Ohnaian
Wilson MS

This article shows that you can go on with life after having a baby, you just have to have faith. I believe Solange is a fantastic friend because she stood by Michelle’s side in the good times and the bad times. Although Michelle has made mistakes in her life, she and others may learn from them.
Rosallyn Soto
East Valley HS

I love the article “My friend is a mom.” My mom had my brother at 17 and she is far from the stereotypical “pregnant teenager.” She got her GED and is one of the hardest-working people I know. It’s easy to think the worst of young teenage mothers but in reality they’re just girls who made the wrong decision.
Brenda Sandoval
San Gabriel HS

The article “My friend is a mom” is just awesome. I admire Michelle’s strength to be able to juggle school life and taking care of a baby. Her friend Solange is great too. I don’t think I would have been supportive or helpful. I definitely would have been one of those people who whisper and think negatively toward pregnant teens. Kudos to the two of you and I hope for the best!
Irene Diep
San Gabriel HS

I learned to control my anger

Leaving my anger behind” was a great article. I am glad that someone can share with others about their bipolar disorder. It’s not embarrassing or shameful to say that you have a disorder. I can give you so many names of teens who are affected by their past, but it’s also how they react to it today. The author here decided that she needed help so she reached out.
Lily Che
San Gabriel HS

I give extreme props to Sally. She has shown me anger is not the solution, it’s the problem. Sally is an inspiration for me and I learned many things from her article. Sally has made me stronger.
Elaine Phan
San Gabriel HS

After reading the article “Leaving my anger behind” I began to think about the books I’ve read, where the main character had the same problem as Sally. I never imagined that the events in the books I’ve read could happen to real people. While reading the article, I felt very sad and admired Sally’s strength. Although I do not know her, I’m very proud that she has overcome her problems.
Davie Sy
San Gabriel HS

I am Korean and American

When I saw the article “Stuck between two worlds” I immediately connected to it. This was very inspiring to me. It takes a lot of guts to try to mix two very different cultures and remain fluent in both. Elliot had to mold his personality in such a way that he could relate to both Americans as well as Koreans. He expressed the emotions it feels to be an immigrant very accurately.
    I am an Asian Indian who moved to America just before middle school. When Elliot writes that he felt alone and out of place, I thought about how it felt when I first moved to California. He is lucky to have found people who he finally feels comfortable with. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of Indians where I live. But this article has made me realize that as long as my friends accept me for who I am, I will always be at ease with them.
Sayonika Mohnata
Clark Magnet HS (Glendale)

I really enjoyed reading “Stuck between two worlds.” I relate because I’m Asian and was raised in the United States, too. My Chinese isn’t perfect, but at least I know it. I understood how Elliot felt when the taxi driver said rude things to him because of how he spoke Korean. My friends say that I speak Chinese with an accent and sometimes I string Chinese and English together when I’m speaking to my parents. They understand English but they still say it sounds funny. It’s awesome that Elliot found his Korean side again. He’s inspired me to not lose my Asian side.
Heather Tran
San Gabriel HS

Finding thrift store deals

I have never been one to shop at thrift stores but “As good as new” really made me think another way about the way I shop. I mostly shop at department stores at the mall and pay no attention to how making and shipping all the tons of clothing affects the environment.
    This article made me realize that I can find good clothing at a thrift store. Jasper found a pair of Diesel skinny jeans at a much lower price than you would at any department store and a pair of red Converse. This taught me to be more open about the way I shop and I thank him for that. By reading Jasper’s article, I learned that by shopping at thrift stores I can find great clothing, save money and help the environment.
Jonathan Quiros
Clark Magnet HS

I think this article is great for everyone to read. Going green and saving money is what everyone should do these days. The article changed my point of view on new clothes and thrift store clothing. I used to think thrift stores were kind of dirty and it was weird to wear someone else’s clothes. Thrift store clothing may be used, but it is the same quality as brand new clothing. This article taught me to save money, because why would you pay more when you can pay less?
Jamie Phan
San Gabriel HS

I think of a thrift store as a crowded place with weird hobos grabbing things off disorganized tables full of holey, smelly and stained clothes. Just think, those are someone else’s clothes that you’re buying. You don’t know where they have been, what they’ve done in them. It just seems kind of disgusting to me. Honestly I’ll try it but I still may shudder at the thought.
Kevin Tu
San Gabriel HS

My fight against world poverty

The article “Making a difference close to home” is really inspirational. Poverty around the world is very real and everyone should be aware of it. The high school students in the article have contributed a lot to a great cause and surely many others will follow in the fight against global poverty. Everyone can make a difference close to home or around the world!
Ricky Wai
San Gabriel HS