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Sex and Consequences

After reading the article "The Hardest Decision," I am glad to see that there are people out there that are willing to share their experiences, even when they are as personal as this article. I know that somewhere, there is a teenager that is taking the advice that the author of this article gave.
—Veronica Garcia, Bravo Medical Magnet

Your article concerning sex and abortion was terrible. You did not give all of the facts that may inform teens about abortions. Many teens are clueless about the subject and if they read a biased presentation of information, then they may make ignorant decisions. For our generation’s sake, I suggest you stop writing one-sided articles just because the author feels a certain way. Certain topics such as abortion … should not be taken lightly.
—Michael Dan Juan, Bravo Medical Magnet

Race Relations

Some people can be so ignorant in this world ["But Names Will Never Hurt Me"]. It shouldn’t matter what ethnicity you are, only your character… What was really heartbreaking was when they threw rocks at this person… but what brought out the positive was she didn’t show any hatred to the ones that were harassing her. Now that’s a great human being.
—Ameena Rashadeen, Bravo Medical Magnet

Financial Aid

The information on how to pay for college ["Play the College Financial Aid Game"] was very informative. I did not know that there were so many financial aid things and scholarships out there. The game that surrounded the article was fun to play with and very helpful to students such as myself that will need to apply for some form of financial aid.
—Irene Sales, Bravo Medical Magnet HS