<< Lawndale students shaken by bomb threat

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Our school had a recent bomb scare and students and teachers did not find out until three weeks later from the television news and the newspaper. This upsets me because the students and teachers should be the first to find out. For me, I was shocked to find out that my school had something like that happen. It is hard to concentrate while you’re worrying about a bomb going off. I felt that they were trying to cover it up. I think that maybe there could be another person trying to do the same. Or maybe this could be step one of a major project.
—Andrew Ochoa, 14

I learned about this bomb threat by reading the newspaper. I felt very disappointed learning that we, the students, teachers and staff, were the last to know. We should have been told the minute it happened. Not being told makes me feel extremely unsafe. From the time the arrests were made and until the first anything could have happened.
Yesterday, on April 1, this was the story of the day. Everyone was talking about what they were going to do, like not going to school or trying to look for anyone else that might look suspicious.
—Samuel Curiel, 15

The teachers and students who could have been affected by the acts that were allegedly planned were not notified by the school or its administrators. Instead they learned from the TV, newspapers and radio. I feel that if we are required to come to school, a school where something like this happened, we should have found out the information earlier.
—Ronald Mitchell, 15