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As school is about to begin at most schools across Los Angeles County L.A. Youth asked its staff writers what to name the best and worst things about going back to school.

“I’m most looking forward to all the perks of senior year like the senior activities and prom! I’m least looking forward to the college application process and SAT scores.”
—Manuela Yim, 17, Fairfax HS

“The best thing about being back in school is remembering I’m good at it. The worst thing about coming back to school is knowing that I could be doing so much more.”
—Jacquelyn Robles, 16, Paramount HS

“The best thing: seeing my friends everyday. Worst thing: Hours upon hours of homework.”
—Nicole Del Castillo, 16, St. Joseph’s HS (Lakewood)

“Going back to school gives me a daily routine so things aren’t so random, but returning to high school gives me a lot of work and school sports wear me out.”
—Eric Chou, 15, Walnut HS

 “The best thing about going back is absolutely nothing. The worst thing about going back is having to go through the process of choosing and applying to colleges (when I should have started last year, but didn’t), plus waking up early and having to do work.”
—Marcus Kazazian, 17, Daniel Murphy Catholic HS

“I am most looking forward to all the cool programs and classes I’ll be going to like Spanish. I’m going to learn Spanish, which is chill. I’m going to miss summer. Summer is cool, much more so than school. I like chilling and swimming and other cool stuff, too”
—Hayden Jacoves, Cleveland HS (Reseda)

“The best thing about going back to school was making new friends. The worst was taking my AP European history class.”
—Se Kim, 15, Pacifica Christian HS

“The best thing would probably be seeing old friends and starting my tutoring job. He absolute worst thing would be homework. Hours and hours of homework is indeed what I am going to hate about school.”
—Brad Marx, 17, Los Angeles City College

 “The best thing about going back to school is being able to start working on the yearbook. I like yearbook. The worst part is having seven periods and being at school for 10 hours for clubs and meetings.”
—Angela Wu, 15, Walnut HS

 “I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and meeting the new people coming to my school. I’m not looking forward to having to be on a strict sleep schedule. I also don’t like homework.”
—Gabe Andreen, 13, Pilgrim School

“What I am looking forward to in high school is a new environment and better teachers. What I am not looking forward to is math homework and the bureaucratic system of LAUSD.”
—Joshua Sushman, 14, Hamilton HS

“The best thing: seeing my friends and taking AP Euro, photography, realizing for the first time I didn’t have too much homework. I was able to watch 10 Things I Hate About You on my first night back. Worst: homework, physics, math!”
—Genevieve Geoghan, 16, Marlborough School

“I am most looking forward to my photography class. I have not been able to take it before so I am very excited. I am least looking forward to my science class. I have always done badly and hated my teacher. Maybe I’ll get a good one this year, but I don’t think so.”
—Lily McGarr, 16, Santa Monica HS

“I am looking forward to starting a new department at my school, which is theater. The one thing I am not looking forward to is going back to the rising drama that will occur.”
—Erik Meza, 16, L.A. County High School for the Arts