<< Giving friendship a chance

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“Honesty and respect because without those two  you wouldn’t have a real friendship.”
Katherine Soriano, 13, Virgil MS
“I look for honesty, a good sense of humor and if they are worried about you. If you get hurt, they care about you.”
Daniel Torres, 13, Nimitz MS (HUNTINGTON PARK)
“I want someone who respects my opinion and I respect them back. And we always have each others’ back. We’re always there for each other to help one another out.”
Ashley Carpio, 13, Nimitz MS
“I look for someone who leads me in the right direction and looks out for my best interest. If I was going to get into a fight, they’d say it’s not worth it instead of encouraging me to fight.’’
Frederick Christmas, 18, Poseidon School