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“What makes a good teacher is a teacher who’s there for you to help you out when there’s a problem. Examples. Step-by-step [instruction] instead of just telling you to solve it yourself.”
Ferny Ibarra, 16, Wilson HS (Los Angeles)
“I think a good teacher has to ask us if we understand all the stuff he shows us and show us how to ask questions when we don’t understand. There are no dumb questions except the ones you don’t ask.”
Beatriz Acuña, 13, South East MS

“They’re like cool. You can relate to them. They ask you if you get it and if you need extra help.”
Kimberly Esquivel, 13, South East MS (South Gate)

“To me a good teacher is a person that has an open mind and is willing to accept new ideas. It’s also a person that accepts her mistakes and is willing to learn from her students. And a good teacher is always prepared and always available for her students.”
Sandy Salinas, 17, Bishop Conaty—Our Lady of Loretto HS
“Work out of the book, that’s boring. All we do is look up the answers and we don’t learn anything. That’s why most kids ditch, because the class gets boring. We want a teacher to be creative and give us projects. You want to learn more if it’s fun.”
Amanda Robles, 16, Wilson HS (Los Angeles)
“A teacher that’s nice, that can be a friendly person but can be serious in class. A person who can help you with your problems and treat you like family. A teacher that instead of telling you the answers, helps you to know what you’re doing on your own so you can pass and succeed in everything you do.”
Reynell Lee, 13, Colin Powell Academy for Success (Long Beach)
“They’re serious and yet they play around. I want a teacher who makes the learning fun. Instead of just giving us assignments and making us read, they make us think about what the story means.”
Cristian Ultreras, 13, Colin Powell Academy for Success

“They have to be optimistic, have to have an open mind, have to be enthusiastic. They have to get along with their students and they have to be caring, too.”
Demetria Stelly
, 16, Bishop Conaty—Our Lady of Loretto HS
   “Anybody could teach anybody something. You have to have the right approach. If you have a young people you have to approach them with a young mind—a ninth grader doesn’t know as many vocabulary words as a teacher knows. Put yourself in their shoes, for visual people show pictures.”
Kristopher Escajeda, 17, Wilson HS
   “I think a good teacher is when they teach you but they also teach you to think. They say it in a way that you learn it but it stays with you. They say it in a way a kind can understand it.”
Ivonne Guillen, 13, South East Middle School
“Someone who won’t just read out of the book, but who can demonstrate and help you understand [what they’re teaching]. Someone who is also very caring and can personally connect with their students.
Morgan Stelly, 14, Bishop Conaty—Our Lady of Loretto HS
  “One that’s able to speak to the students and make them comfortable asking him or her questions. One that organizes a lesson so that he or she is able to get the message out to the class. A teacher that’s open to questions and there for tutoring or extra help.”
Kimberly Tobar, 15, Bishop Conaty—Our Lady of Loretto HS
“To me, I define a good teacher as teacher who interacts with students, has s friendship with students, will spend that extra time tutoring or whatever they need and always has a smile on their face.”
Cecilia Preza, 16, Bishop Conaty—Our Lady of Loretto HS
  "They like to play around they’re also serious with their work."
Julio Galindo, 13, Colin Powell Academy for Success
  "They have to go more than what is written down inside of a book. Just tell you to learn from that. You have to know more than what the books tells you."
Kalea Calloway, 13, Colin Powell Academy for Success