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What age is OK to start dating?

“Relationships take a lot of effort. There has to be a lot of maturity. I started dating in middle school and I can see why some of those relationships didn’t work. I lacked the knowledge and experience that I have now.”
Diego Mouriz, 17, Northridge Academy HS
“I don’t think there’s an appropriate age. If you’re mature enough to be in a relationship and think about how far it can go. There are some relationships in high school that are a joke. You think you’re in love, but how would you know if you’ve experienced love?”
Erika Najarro
, 16, Northridge Academy HS
“I think you should date around 15. When you’re 12, they might just be playing, like ‘Let’s see who can kiss a girl.’ They’re more serious when they’re older.”
Yulissa Gamero, 12, Berendo MS
“High school is the right time to date. I think you should be more focused on schoolwork in middle school. You’d be distracted by a boyfriend or girlfriend in middle school, but in high school you’d be more mature.”
Francisco Zuniga, 13, Berendo MS
“Twenty-five, because if you start too young things can get out of control. People be getting girls pregnant and they’re not settled. At 25 you can have a job and a house.”
Neariah Vaiagae, 14, Carson HS
“I think in college or after college. If you’re in high school, you’ll be too distracted. There will be drama. And you’ll be wasting your money because you’ll have to take out the girl. In college you’ll be more responsible to make decisions.”
Victor Pineda, 13, Berendo MS
“I think 13 and older. As long as you have all your priorities straight and you’re mature enough to handle your responsibilities. I’m not ready to date. I need to focus on my work more.”
Samuel Parada, 13, Berendo MS
“I think an appropriate age to start dating is 18. I started dating when I was 16. I was at school and started getting a crush. I don’t think I should have started because I was young and foolish.”
Davon Thomas, 18, The Linden Center
“Eighteen, because you’re older and are more mature and don’t act like little kids. I’m focused on school now, so I’ll wait until college.”
Jacob Sagiao, 14, Carson HS
“Fourteen. I think because you’re making your own decisions and you’re mature enough to know what to do and what not to do.”
Krishawn Williams, 14, Carson HS
“I think it’s appropriate at 15. That’s when we start to act more mature.”
Ray Bwrede, 14, Carson HS