Looking for ways to help your students understand the terrorist attacks and America’s military response? Here are a collection of resources on the Internet which we recommend.

     The PBS Web site gives lesson plans for many relevant topics including understanding Afghanistan, civil war, human rights, politics and tolerance. Most lesson plans are designed for one hour of class time. The lessons encourage students to explore current events, consider America’s position and understand the Taliban. Some plans make students think about future events by learning about past conflicts. Students focus on ethnic groups in history and how blame is assigned to certain populations.
      The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a private, nonprofit media organization which creates noncommercial television, online material and other media.

     The National Council for the Social Studies offers many links to study. Click on Teachable Moments and then click on Lesson Plans. Lesson plans focus on historical events in America, such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and how the country’s reaction relates to feelings about the recent terrorist attacks.

     At the Bill of Rights Institute Web site, click on free lesson plans. One lesson plan examines how individual civil rights can be suspended during times of national crisis. It explores the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Supreme Court case law. Students work as a committee and create a constitutional amendment that explains governmental powers during national emergencies.
     The Institute is an educational nonprofit dedicated to helping high school social studies teachers enhance their students’ understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens, as well as the origins of the American Revolution and the Bill of Rights.

     Alternet.org, a site with a liberal orientation, offers a special section dedicated to background and information on "9-11." Section titles include "The Anti-War Movement," "U.S. Policy in the Middle East & Central Asia," "Understanding the Middle East & Central Asia," "Terrorism and Counter-terrorism," and archives of stories about the September attacks.
     AlterNet.org is a project of the Independent Media Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent and alternative journalism.

     Education World offers lesson plans for all ages. Scroll down to online lessons. Check out "Beyond Blame: Reacting to the Terrorist Attack," "Who are Arab Americans?" and "America responds to Terrorism." Curriculum is aimed at creating tolerance for Arab-Americans following the terrorist attacks. It challenges students’ assumptions and stereotypes.
     The site is an advertising-sponsored educational Web site with lesson plans, links, chats, site reviews and more.

    This Web site has about 1,500 free lesson plans. Enter "Afghanistan" in the search field. The site pulls up links for flags, maps and current event activities.
     The Lesson Plans Page is a collection of lesson plans, primarily at the elementary level, that were developed by Kyle Yamnitz, students, and faculty at The University of Missouri. More recent lesson plans were submitted by the users of the site.

—Compiled by L.A. Youth editors Sue Doyle and Libby Hartigan