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How do you make money?
“I do chores at my house and my parents pay me. It’s really hard to get a job—being a teen especially makes it harder. Adults are more likely to get hired.”
Yuliam Rivero, 16, Fairfax HS
“My parents give me an allowance. And I help out and get good grades.”
Leah Mack, 15, Fairfax HS
“I don’t have a job. I’m trying to get one right now. A fast-food restaurant, anything. I want the money for spending money and supporting my family.”
Ray Balboa, 16, Fairfax HS
“I don’t have a job but I get money from my mom and I have a scholarship to pay for school. I tried applying for jobs online [last summer] but no one hired me since I was going off to college.”
Aspen Makkar, 18, Cal Poly
“My friend’s mom sells tacos at churches. We make sure everyone has napkins and rice and if anyone needs anything and she pays us. I also wash cars. I’ll tell my family I’ll wash their car and they’ll bring it over to my house.”
Laura Garces, 16, Northridge Academy HS
“I don’t have a job, but I help my dad at his restaurant for a couple of hours. And I recycle with my dad. I collect the cans at home.”
Rachel Metriyakool, 17, Northridge Academy HS
“After school I help my dad in landscaping. I’ve been working with him for about two and a half years. He used to give me $50 a month, but it wasn’t enough. Now he gives me $90. It keeps me motivated to go to school and get a good job.”
Edwin Ramirez, 17, Northridge Academy HS
“I clean the bathroom and the kitchen at home. Sometimes I go where my dad works and help him out.”
Carlos Miguel, 13, Berendo MS
“Every Saturday I help my dad sell food and sodas. Sometimes I help him make soup to sell. I feel like I’m being helpful.”
Andriena Perez, 13, Berendo MS
“I worked at Old Navy and Foot Locker. I liked that it was laid back but it was still a lot of work. At Old Navy I was folding clothes and at Foot Locker I was organizing shoe boxes by color code and number. I was dealing with a lot of boxes.”
Nicholas Adegbulugbe, 18, The Linden Center