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The idea for this issue’s essay contest arrived during a weekly staff meeting at L.A. Youth. Reporters were discussing world events when one male teen blurted out of nowhere that women were so annoying. The conversation quickly revolved around his comment and the youth instantly picked sides. At that moment, we knew that we found a good essay contest topic.

Here are some interesting statistics about the essay contest:
• We received 115 essays
• 63 essays or 55 percent said girls are more annoying. ("Valley girls" in particular were called annoying for the way they talk and and for overusing the word "scandalous.")
• 28 essays or 24 percent said boys are more annoying
• 24 essays or 21 percent said boys and girls are equally annoying

Too many girls shop till they drop

First-place winner

By Juan Regalado, Banning HS

Teenage girls are more annoying than boys. When you go shopping with girls at the mall, they go into every store. After that, they make you carry their bags. Sometimes teenage girls spend two or three hours in one store and don’t even buy anything. Then, when they’re done wasting their money, they ask you for money and make you pay for lunch. After that, they want to shop some more.

As if that weren’t enough, after shopping they want to go directly to the movies and see the latest thing. They want you to buy them every kind of junk food there is. When it comes to the weekend, they bring their friends and take over the whole house, as if they own it.

Teenage boys are not that annoying, because we don’t shop every day in every store. We don’t go to the movies the day a new movie comes out. We do our stuff quietly, not like the ladies do with all this yelling and jumping up and down about something that’s not important. When it comes to using the phone, we don’t stay on it for two to three hours. We just use the phone for 20 minutes.

Why do girls always overdress?
Second-place winner

By David Berrios, Hollywood HS

Women have always been more annoying then men. They always have something to complain about. We always have to listen to whatever they have to say.

Women always think that they are fat. No matter how skinny they are—they’re fat! They always complain that they need to lose weight. Fat chicks think that clothes make them look fat. They ARE fat! The clothes have nothing to do with it.

In my opinion, girls overdress when they go out. They overdress to go to school, parties or even to the liquor store to buy candy. They spend two hours getting dressed to buy a gallon of milk. Not all of them, but most of them.

Women spend too much time in the bathroom getting ready and taking care of their needs. In the meanwhile, guys have to wait outside and dance around the door and hold it in until the ladies are finished.

Women are difficult to understand. They have their problems. We men also have problems, but don’t let half of the planet know. We might never know why they take so long with everything, why they complain and why they’re so picky.

Maybe we’re annoying, but we’re worth it!
Third-place winner

By Esmeralda Salazar, Banning HS

Well, if you really think about it, girls can be quite annoying. We girls are crazy about clothes. Every girl needs to look cute for school, dates, parties and family reunions. You name it and we’ll dress up.

If you haven’t noticed, girls take a pretty long time to get ready. Then they still complain about their hair and shoes. Hey, you guys know that all the waiting is worth it.

But wait. It’s not over yet. You still have the date to go on.

You get to the movies, buy her ticket, popcorn, soda and some sour candies. Next thing you know, you end up with no money. So you’re watching the movie when she gets cold. You give her your jacket even though you’re cold and know you can’t say anything about it. So there goes your nice warm jacket.

Girls can also be very sensitive. They’re very emotional when it comes to breaking up. They cry and cry and cry. There’s nothing you can do about it, besides listen to it for the next two weeks.

Girls can also talk about the same thing every single day. They ask: Who’s wearing what? Who’s with whom?

Girls make a big scene when they have gained a pound or two. They want everything their way and to be perfect, too.

We are a handful, but guys love us!