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I love my life now

Illustration by Lily Clark, 15, Immaculate Heart HS

1st place $50

By Elizabeth Coto, Paramount HS

If I could live in any era I think I would choose to live in the present. I would choose to live now because I like my life. My life may not be perfect, but what makes it great are the people in it. My friends mean the world to me; I could not ask for better friends. My family may be broken, yet they are my world. It does not matter to me to be part of a historical moment or if I could live in the future. I am making my future now and I am making history. Many people or kids do not know it, but we are the future. We are making history with everything we do.

My life is going very nice. Although I am not perfect, my life is on the path it is meant to take. I cannot tell what will happen next, but that is what is so great. Not knowing what will happen is the beauty because we get surprised. Friends and family are what make up my life and they are doing a very good job of making sure I am happy. People do not see the beauty of their lives; therefore they think living in the future or the past is better. It is not better! Look at what happened in the past. Look at how bad they treated black people and look how bad people suffered. Why would we want to live like Anne Frank did or suffer being beaten up? I like my life right now and I thank all those who suffered so that we can live the way we do today.

I love my life and although I wish I could have parents to share it with, it does not matter because I do not need parents to know how much I appreciate my life. Life is a wonderful joy, so why would someone waste it? It makes me elated to know people love me. Past, present or future-—it does not matter. If you think living in a different era will be easier, well, you are wrong. Problems follow everyone everywhere. No matter where you are, life will never be perfect. The era I choose is the present and I would not choose different because I love who I am and I love what makes me … me.

The 19th century was a simpler time

2nd place $30

By Melissa Shimizu, North HS (Torrance)

Life presently is really nice. I don’t have much to worry about except for gas prices and the economy. I shouldn’t complain though because I know we have it a lot easier than others in the past. People from the past would think we are lazy and spoiled. I think that they would be surprised to see that some of us are still thin. Yes, life is so much easier for us now than it was for those in the late 19th century. We go to the mall to get clothes and the market to get butter and bread. We never really make it ourselves. I grew up watching and reading the famous Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. People in today’s society wouldn’t have survived a week, but I would definitely love to live in that era anyway.

Of course, because I’m Asian, life wouldn’t have been the same for me, but I have always pictured myself in Laura’s shoes. She wore dresses all the time, which I would not mind at all. I do admit that those dresses aren’t the cutest I’ve seen, but back in that day they would have been beautiful to me. Even their pajamas were dresses! Whenever it was dark they lit the house with candles or gas lanterns. I just love it. Candles have always given me a happy feeling, so I love it when the electricity goes out. Gas lanterns remind me of camping even though our lanterns run off batteries.

I love to bake. Not only because I love food, but because I just enjoy baking. To me it is very fun and it gives me a chance to spend time with my family. To turn milk into butter and be able to knead dough and watch it rise would give me much happiness. Laura was able to spend countless hours churning butter with her sister and mom and baking bread from scratch. Though she did look at it as a chore, it’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do with my family.

I know that the late 19th century was a very tough time. I know some of the hardships that Laura and her family had to go through, but I also know that she has a lot of great memories. The way she describes events with so much detail tells me that everything has been so meaningful. Unfortunately today, people are either lazy or too busy to do anything. One day I will make time to churn my own butter, bake my own bread and even try to make a piece of clothing. I’ll give the 19th century a try for a day.

I want to help build the pyramids

3rd place $20

By Teddy Tea, San Gabriel HS

If you were able to live in any time period, which one would it be? The first thing that comes to mind is the book series, Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne, about two kids who have the ability to travel to any place they desire. From the books, I really enjoyed this particular story where Jack and Annie traveled to ancient Egypt. That is exactly where I want to go.

In Egypt, thousands of years ago, there were many amazing sites and scenes. However, on the top of my list, I would like to help build the Great Pyramid of Giza. Pyramids have always been interesting to me. I think it is amazing how with such limited technology Egyptians were able to build monuments so high and grand. I would get to experience firsthand how the Egyptians made traps for people who dared to enter the pyramids or how they were able to make a monument that would last for over 4,500 years. Generally, solving one of the great wonders of the world built 4,500 years ago sounds great today in 2009.

Then in ancient Egypt, I would want to be mummified and discovered many hundred years later in a grand pyramid. Around me, I would want precious jewels that treasure hunters would risk their lives to get their hands on, to surround me in all my glory. Being mummified would be a great honor, because only the important people were mummified and put in pyramids. Like the famous King Tut, I would want people to acknowledge me as an important discovery. However, to pull my organs out and mummify me alive is out of the question. Dying famous in ancient Egypt does not sound too bad.

Besides the illnesses from the scorpions or war, ancient Egypt would be my ideal place to move to when I get out of college. However, considering that time machines have not been invented yet, all I can do now is dream.

Many of those who entered the essay contest chose to write about how great their lives are in the present, and others decided to explore past eras such as the 60s and 80s and even the Stone Age. There were also essays about the future. They were so creative we wanted to share how writers described life years from now. These are excerpts taken from those essays.

Living in the year 5000 would be so extreme! … My room would be wild. I would have my bed floating above the ground and a TV the size of Mount Everest! New video games would be invented and there would probably be a PS500.
Vache Melkonian, Wilson MS (Glendale)

I will travel around in my flying car. … During this time there would be flying scooters, bikes, skateboards and wheelchairs. It will be a whole new life.
Carolina Mora, Paramount HS

It could be possible that no one will be on Earth anymore. What if we moved to a new planet? Or we’re on multiple planets?
Megan Ho, San Gabriel HS

Hopefully in the future we have found a way to stop or slow down global warming. Also, there would be cures for cancer, diabetes, HIV and AIDS and all incurable diseases. Stem cell research would be at a turning point and doctors would be able to regenerate our dying cells.
Bryan Salinas, Birmingham HS (Van Nuys)

Nike will probably have hover shoes in the future!
Michael Bishay, Birmingham HS

Food would be nothing but a little pill. Swallow it and you’re full.
Michael Hennington, Paramount HS

My life would be way easier because I would have robot servants that could do all of my chores and things that I don’t want to do.
Yareli Lara, Paramount HS

In my ideal era I wouldn’t have to waste my time studying. All I would have to do is insert a chip with all the information into a slot connected to my brain. I would never get sick because of an invincible vaccine that I was given that prevents any type of disease or illness from getting into my system.
Kristen Lee, San Gabriel HS

With a bit of luck, the future would discover a way to prevent economic recessions from happening ever again.
Diana Ho, San Gabriel HS

Next essay contest—What can’t you live without?

As a kid, we all had things that we couldn’t live without, such as our favorite blanket or toy. As we get older, different things become important. What in your life is so special that you feel like you can’t live without it? Maybe it’s something you wear every day like black nail polish, a Dodgers cap or a silver chain. It may be the pillow that you’ve had for so long you can’t fall asleep without it. It could be a family photograph, a book or a certain food. Describe it to us and explain what it means to you. How does it reflect who you are and what you value?


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