PHOTO GALLERY: Dressed to express

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I like to mix a tomboyish style with girlie pieces. My style is mostly relaxed and casual but it still has a girlie tone. I like to dress casual because I feel comfortable and I'm able to express myself.

I go to a school where a uniform is required so wearing flower pins in my hair is my way of showing who I am. The first time I wore a flower was in middle school. I had a red rose that I bought at a hair boutique but I didn’t wear it often. Then one day in high school, my mother gave me a green flower pin with sparkles and feathers sprouting from it. I wore it the next day. Some people loved it, others just stared. I still wore flowers because I felt they fit me perfectly. They showed that I’m different and have a creative side. I get my pins from small boutiques around Los Angeles. Now I have enough to fill up five drawers with roses, carnations, tulips and even butterfly and bow pins. I’m known as “The Flower Girl” at my school.

My fashion advice is to be yourself. If the current trend isn’t your style, then make one. Be happy with whatever you decide to do, and don’t judge others for what they wear.
Laura Rios, 17, Bishop Conaty—Our Lady of Loretto HS