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Don’t judge my style

People shouldn’t judge you by the way you dress. But a lot of students get rude comments every day for their style.

Our looks are the first thing people notice, especially guys. But when you look good, it seems like you get the most mean remarks. "People just don’t like other people’s styles. They’re haters because they can’t look as good as we do in certain types of clothing," said Carly Stillman, 13, Parras Middle School.

I like to be a little different in the way I dress. I’ll go to Hot Topic and get a wild shirt and then I’ll got to Forever 21 and get something more formal and combine it and make a new style. But my classmates don’t always give me compliments. If I wear something nice, they might say, "Oh, you’re so conceited!" While friends might tell me I look nice or that I’m unique or creative, other girls might say, "Ew! Why are you wearing clothes that are so awkward! You don’t look like the others."

But I don’t care, because it’s me. As long as I feel comfortable, that’s what matters. I believe that no one should have the right to criticize your style. Why do we all have to wear the same thing?

So next time you see someone with their own dress code, try not to judge the person. It’s just their look and their style. Take the time to get to know how they really are. And don’t be afraid to look your best and express your style. Clothing is a language, it’s another form to express how we feel about ourselves. Why not have some fun with it?