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I have never been able to come up with good holiday gifts for my friends, so I figured, because I knit so much anyway, I’d make scarves for them!

I bought a bunch of yarn at Michaels (it’s not too expensive, yarn costs $5 to $20 for a bundle, usually it takes around two bundles to make a scarf). I made scarves for almost everyone I knew (my family, guy friends and girl friends) and I decided to personalize each scarf for who I was making it for. I found some patterns on For Emily, my Harry Potter loving and sometimes crazy best friend, I made a fluffy bright green scarf and a Gryffindor scarf (for two different Christmases), and for my dad I made a thick light blue and cream colored one. I’ll be sending the short dark blue one to my French host mother this Christmas, because the scarf matches her quirky style.

—Chelsea McNay,16, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies