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It was our friend’s Bat Mitzvah and she’s really into Alice in Wonderland. Instead of getting her something we decided to make a gift because making something is unique and heartfelt. She always wanted some of our drawings but she wouldn’t have been able to show off a piece of paper. We wanted something that would make her proud. One of her wish list items was Converse shoes. She was almost speechless. She wears them all the time.

We used Prismacolor pens or you could use acrylic paint because it doesn’t come off fabric. Then we waterproof sealed it so it wouldn’t bleed. The pens you can buy at art stores and the waterproof sealant we bought at CVS but you can also buy it at craft stores.

—Isabella Betita who made the shoes with Sophia Richardson, both 15, of Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (Photo by Zahra Jangbar, 15, Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies)