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"I think the attacks created more stereotypes and created another challenge of racism for me to fight. This created another hardship for me."
—Hanna Siddiqui, 17, King/Drew Medical Magnet HS

"If I get drafted, I couldn’t accomplish my dream of going to college."
—Alex Medina, 16, Fremont HS

"It’ll be harder for me to get a job. And I won’t have anything to look forward to in my future, except my religion."
—Denika Skannal, 17, King/Drew Medical Magnet HS

"If we go to war, we could turn into a third world country. Other countries could overpower us."
—Manuel Flores, 16, Fremont HS

"I could be out shopping in a mall and there could be a suicide bomber there. That scares me, because I could die."
—Trace Baca, 16, Jane Adams High School

"I will never fly in an airplane again, because I’m scared."
—Manuel Castillo, 16, Fremont HS

"We could go to war. Then I wouldn’t be allowed to go out anymore, because my parents would be afraid of what could happen."
—Wendy Acevedo, 15, Fremont HS

"I could get shot if I go to war. Then I couldn’t play football; and I hope to play professionally one day."
—Jeffrey Palacios, 16, Fremont HS