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CD: Want

Reviewed by Shivani Patel
14, Whitney HS (Cerritos)

You might recognize ,“Shush girl, shut your lips/ Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips” from a couple years ago. They’re lyrics from “Don’t Trust Me,” one of the songs on 3OH!3’s album Want. Although it’s been out for a while, it’s a really fun and upbeat song and it never gets old to me.

Most of the songs on Want are carefree and easy to dance to. “Don’t Trust Me” was the biggest hit on the album. It’s an incredibly silly song. The lyrics don’t make a lot of sense, but the electronic rock beat makes up for it.

Another peppy song is “Starstrukk.” Like “Don’t Trust Me,” the lyrics are silly, but catchy at the same time. I don’t agree with the lyrics because they’re about how to take advantage of a girl without getting in trouble. However, I don’t think it’s meant to be taken seriously. It’s another great one to dance to.

While most of the songs on Want are upbeat, “Still Around” stands out because it’s more mellow and serious. “But that won’t stop this drinking/ It’s the least I can do/ Cause this life is anything but certain/ When they close the final curtain/ You’ll get a glimpse of the truth.” I think it’s one of the best songs on the album.

If you’re looking for songs that’ll make you smile and dance, I’d recommend listening to this album.

CD: The World Is a Thorn

Reviewed by Austin LaCroix
15, Eagle Academy

Demon Hunter’s previous record, Storm the Gates of Hell, was so brilliant I didn’t think the metalcore band could top it. And then when I heard both guitarists left the band, I expected to be disappointed by Demon Hunter’s latest record.

But with The World Is a Thorn, Demon Hunter has created another powerhouse metal album. Unlike the band’s previous albums that have an overly melodic, rock-like feel, this album is more thrash with its reliance on thundering double-bass rhythms and screaming guitars (from newcomer Patrick Judge), while maintaining Ryan Clark’s dark writing style.

My favorite song is “Tie This Around Your Neck.” The chemistry between the drumming and guitar work makes for a heavy, mosh-pit-starting, head-banging sound that is matched by even heavier lyrics about the apathy and hate in our world. “You can feel the bones shatter beneath our feet/ The blood of lust staining our teeth.”

I also like the ballad “Driving Nails.” Unlike the power-pop melodies of ballads on previous albums, “Driving Nails” has a moody and somber tone melded closely with Clark’s deep voice. The song uses synthesizers and strings to create an enveloping sound that carried me away in its elegance.

Other note-worthy tracks include the gritty rock song, “Collapsing,” and the title track, a sledgehammer adrenaline boost midway through the album.

Even with the lineup change, Demon Hunter has continued expanding its sound, blasting away my doubts in the sonic onslaught of The World Is a Thorn.

CD: Habits

Reviewed by Avika Dua
15, Walnut HS

I first heard a song by the rock group Neon Trees while browsing at Hollister in August. When I got home, I found myself humming the song’s catchy tune. I searched for the lyric, “Say goodbye to my heart tonight,” online and the first result that came up said it was from the song “Animal” from the Neon Trees’ album Habits. I had never heard of the band, so I typed the song title into YouTube. It took only a little bit of time with the song on repeat to learn the lyrics word for word.

The contagious beat and memorable lyrics make “Animal” the ideal listen—whether I am angry, upset, or confused, listening to this song is the perfect remedy. The upbeat sound and lead singer Tyler Glenn’s voice lift my spirits. In the chorus he sings, “Oh, oh/ I want some more/ Oh, oh/ What are you waitin’ for/ Say goodbye to my heart tonight.”

After listening to “Animal” I downloaded the entire album from iTunes that day. One song I identified with was “Love and Affection.” “I just don’t understand/ Why my love isn’t good enough for you/ I want you to show me/ Love and affection, love and affection” are just some of the relatable lyrics. I can relate to being rejected, and this song helps me deal with these feelings.

Another one of my favorite songs on the album is “Sins of My Youth.” I can’t help but bob my head whenever I listen to it.

All the songs on Habits are catchy and will get stuck in your head. Neon Trees can rightly be dubbed the next rock sensation.