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Peter, Björn, and John
Writer’s Block

By Sylvana Insua-Rieger, 15, Beverly Hills HS

Swedish indie-pop band Peter, Björn, and John is my current favorite because of the group’s fresh, unique upbeat songs and simple, relatable lyrics.

The most well-known song from Writer’s Block is “Young Folks”—the song I constantly hear being whistled by anonymous boys in the hallways at school. This is one of those songs whose lyrics are hard to make out but worth the online search: “We don’t care about the young folks, talkin’ ‘bout the young style…All we care about is talkin’/ Talkin’ only me and you.” The song’s quick, heavy beat contrasts with the high-pitched whistling and airy singing, and its lyrics reflect the excitement of a crush that can make you forget about everything else.

My favorite song on the album is “The Chills,” which starts out with a weird repetitive shushing and soon breaks into fast powerful notes and twinkley sounds, and then Peter Morén’s voice unexpectedly comes in to breathily belt out, “Your tongue is sharp, but I miss the taste of it/ You say time heals/ There’s not enough of it/ The lessons are too cruel to keep,” continuing on to the dreamy echo-y chorus “Your fear is crowdin’ and there is still/ No place for someone like me to fill … I know that time until it kills/ You’re giving me the chills.” With its fast techno sounds, this song makes me want to dance while bobbing my head around, happy about the exhilarations of life.

However, Writer’s Block does have some not-so-great tunes, such as “Let’s Call It Off,” which mimics the catchiness of “Young Folks” but just sounds like it’s distractedly sung by an amateur college band at an outdoor wedding.

Even though there are some bizarre, disappointing tracks, Writer’s Block is a refreshing album. It has a couple hits and a few unpopular treasures. In the end, though, it’s generally a positive, fun album with wacky lyrics. Writer’s Block’s lovable songs are some of the few that can return a spark of enthusiasm to your day.


By Jahselyn Williams, 14, Dorsey HS

Beyoncé Knowles’ newest CD B’Day is off the chain. The CD was released Sept. 4, which is Beyoncé’s birthday, and has produced the hit singles “Deja Vu,” “Ring the Alarm” and “Irreplaceable.” This album is way better than her first CD, because she knows more tricks to make her music better.

“Deja Vu” is a fast song with an edge that makes you want to get up and dance. It also has that flavor that Jay-Z brings to the song. The beats combined with his raps are like putting Tabasco Sauce on some Buffalo hot wings.

“Ring the Alarm” is another amazing but different type of song for Beyoncé. She sang this song out of anger, which showed her creative side. The song tells her man not to cheat on her. Some of my favorite angry lyrics are: “Ring the alarm/ I been through this too long/ But I’ll be damned if I see another chick on your arm/ Won’t you ring the alarm?”

The worldwide smash “Irreplaceable” has become an awesome anthem for women. Beyoncé makes women feel like no man can take their joy or pride away. We are not men’s property. My favorite lyric is: “So since I’m not your everything/ How about I’ll be nothing?/ Nothing at all to you/ Baby I won’t shed a tear for you/ I won’t lose a wink of sleep/ ‘Cause the truth of the matter is/ replacing you is so easy.”

Her CD is one of the best by a female R&B artist. And I will gladly tell you that Beyoncé is at the top of my list, ‘cause that’s how I roll.


By Victorino Martinez, 18, Daniel Murphy Catholic HS

Belanova’s first CD, Cocktail, has to be one of the most incredible Mexican alternative/ambient CDs I’ve ever heard. Lead singer Denisse Guerrero pours her heart and soul into every song. Edgar Huerta and Ricardo Arriola keep a perfect rhythm and beat. It’s not hard to lose yourself in any of the band’s songs. Even if you can’t understand Spanish, you can still love their music.

But if you can understand Spanish the songs are even better. In “Y …” Guerrero speaks of why an unnamed boyfriend can’t simply call. The song gives me the feeling of how something so simple can mean more than anything else. “Un recuerdo gris,/ que me alivie el alma/ o tan sólo una … llamada,” which in English translates to, “A grey memory/ that can relieve my soul/ or at least … a simple phone call.”

The best song by far on this CD is “Tus Ojos,” meaning “Your Eyes.” Every note seems to calm the mind and the lyrics remain incredible as she speaks of the way her lover’s eyes are the world to her. “Viendo tus ojos/ puedo descifrar el universo/ El viento suave, el azul del cielo/ al fin lo entiendo.” In English this translates to, “Looking into your eyes/ I can decipher the universe/ the soft winds, the blue sky/ in the end I understand.” On paper they sound like cheesy lyrics but Denisse’s voice and the rhythm of the song make them so much more powerful and original.

I’ve never been so enthralled by an entire album. Belanova’s Cocktail is a must-have CD to relax the mind and enjoy the rhythm and vocals of the group.

Street Love

By Andrea McKinley, 13, Foshay Learning Center

Street Love by R&B singer Lloyd is my favorite CD—every single song is tight. This is a get-up-and-party CD because every song makes you want to dance. Yet his unique voice is softer than most singers.

One of my favorites is the slow song “I Don’t Mind.” It has a great beat and the way he sings is relaxing and smooth. The song is about a guy who doesn’t mind doing anything for his girlfriend, even spending money on her. That’s a good thing. I’m a girl. I gotta go shopping.

“Player’s Prayer” is another slow song. The narrator was doing bad stuff and his girlfriend left him and now he wants her back. He keeps apologizing and praying she’ll come back. When he sings, “Girl I’m on my knees/ I promise I’ll be good” that would make me come back. If he gets down on his knees like that you have to take him back.

In the upbeat song “Killing Me,” Lloyd likes a girl who he knows is not good for him. All she wants is money and fame, “A devil in a dress/ dressed to impress.” The beat on this song sounds tight!

This album is the business! I listen to this CD all the time and even stopped playing my PSP for this. I can’t focus on the games because all I want to do is listen to this CD. I spent my allowance on this album, but it was worth it.