By Alicia Vargas, 16, South Gate HS
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If you’ve never heard the melodic, soft pop sound of Oasis, start with the band’s second CD, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? But if you’re already into this band check out their new release, Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. You’ll find faster paced beats, clearer lyrics and a cooler, more serene mood on this album.

I liked the happy track, "Who Feels Love?" Singer Liam states, "He’s found what he lost inside and his spirit has been fortified." Other songs I enjoyed include "Go Let It Out" (now being played on the radio) and "Sunday Morning Call."

This is one boy band that I am proud of. British brothers Liam and Noel Gallager have stayed on the cutting edge by keeping their individuality and also expressing significant growth with the new CD.