I helped beautify my city
Michelle, 17, helped paint a mural on her city's library and gave a boring street a literary-themed facelift.

I liked the design for the mural, which showed scenes from famous books and authors’ faces, but I wished that I gotten a chance to help in the design process. I’m hoping that if the committee can raise funds to replace the mural in the next few months, I will get the chance to give something of my own to Temple City.
Teens look back on 9/11
Ten years later, teens say they have a better understanding of the attacks.
They’re all I have
Foster care split up me and my siblings, but now I’m so happy that we’re together again.
The military is my path to nursing
The Army Reserve is going to pay for school so Caitlin, 18, can become a nurse.
I don’t feel ready
Ernesto, 19 worries he won’t succeed at college, but wonders if he can support himself without a degree.
I’m not down with downloading music
Christian, 17, stopped stealing music when he realized it hurts the artists he loves.
Dear Metro: I’ve got a new ride
Now that Claire, 16, has her license, she no longer needs the bus.
Addicted to Facebook
Yejean, 17, couldn’t stop going on, even though it made her feel left out.
I wish I were thinner
Trying to lose weight the unhealthy way didn’t work for 16-year-old Merryck.