Sarah Evans, L.A. Youth archives

Students see effects of budget cuts
As they return to class, L.A. Youth writers share how the state budget deficit is affecting their schools.

My favorite English teacher was laid off. I learned a lot from her. I've always had a problem with using the same words in my writing and she taught me how to expand my writing and be more descriptive. It doesn’t matter that she had been teaching for only a few years, she was the best!
Painting a tent
Painting three famous works of art on a camping tent challenged 16-year-old Lily in ways she never imagined. WITH A PHOTO GALLERY.
The great debater
Debate has helped 16-year-old Janie become more informed about world and national issues and given her more confidence.
Left in the wrong hands
After years of being abused by the woman who raised her, a girl finally got away.
From the archives: My fight for respect
In this story from January 2001, Richard, 16, faced severe discrimination as an Asian-American. L.A. Youth frequently writes about racial and ethnic identity so we're sharing this story because it's one of our favorites.
I miss you Father Ryan
Since the priest at his church died, Kevin, 14, has missed him very much and felt guilty about not saying goodbye.
My summer is no vacation
By missing out on sleeping in and spending time with her friends, going to year-round school has been a real drag to Lia, 17.
Unhealthy competition
Elliot, 16, had to learn that winning isn't the most important thing when entering competitions.
Summer fun for under $10
What do the beach, the Museum of Jurassic Technology, window shopping and a bus pass have in common? They're cheap ways to spend your summer, which is especially important during a recession.
Music to soothe my soul
Because it’s full of emotion, Ernesto, 17, prefers classical music over everything else.