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L.A. Youth celebrates its 20th anniversary
L.A. Youth is proud to have been publishing amazing teen writing during the past two decades. To celebrate our anniversary, we read through our archives going back to the first issue to select stories that represent our best writing, and which still have the power to connect with teens today. You can read three of these stories in our special anniversary section. We’re celebrating our anniversary all year, so look for more “Best Of” stories in every issue of 2008.
Sam’s summer travel blog
School is out and Sam, 14, goes on a road trip through California and Oregon.
Obon festival review
Lia, 16, had a great time at a traditional Japanese celebration in the San Fernando Valley. WITH LIST OF UPCOMING OBON FESTIVALS.
Graffiti is my future
An East L.A. art program takes graffiti from the streets to the classroom. Before coming here I didn’t even think about going to college. I saw myself in the future having a lousy job that I would hate. But the Skillz ‘N Action program has helped me tremendously by showing me that I can use graffiti and other types of art in a career. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
He doesn’t scare me anymore
Years after my uncle raped me, I found the strength to tell.
The hunt for shaved ice
To survive the recent heat wave Lia, 16, went on the hunt for the best shaved ice in Southern California.
My school deserves better—and so do I
Better teachers, more books, smaller classes and better scheduling would help us learn more. Reprinted from 1998.
Music blog: playlists of summer
L.A. Youth staff writers create playlists to help us enjoy the summer.
Volunteering at the Los Angeles Film Festival
She didn't get paid or meet any celebs, but Shannon, 17, still managed to enjoy her work at the Los Angeles Film Festival.
More than a paycheck
Having a job since she was 13 has taught Christina to work hard and not give up, which will help her in her future.
A different view of Mexico
Helping poor people in Mexico gave Justin, 15, a new understanding of how difficult life is there.
Don’t cut our education
L.A. Youth writers say the state budget problems could mean larger classes and less money for programs at their schools.
I’m American, I guess—or am I Chinese?
When he moved here from Taiwan as a kid, Vincent, 18, knew exactly who he was. But now after years of trying to become as American as apple pie, he is torn between two identities. Reprinted from 2000.
A darker shade of racism
Black teens struggle with rejection from their own race. Reprinted from 1992.