Illustration by Rachel Chung, 17, University HS

An honest grade
Cheating is tempting when you see everyone else doing it, but Fred, 17, has chosen not to.

"The day before our art history final, the teacher gave us the class period to study. As we studied a million and one flashcards, my classmates and I felt the weight of the test approaching. Then one of my classmates said he hoped that the student who sat next to him would come the next day. 'I need to cheat off of them,' he said."

With interviews with a college admissions counselor and high school teacher about cheating.
Postcards from China
Want to spend five weeks in China? Live through Sam, 13, who tells us all about his adventures while vacationing there.
Art Exhibit Review: Defining Modernity: European Drawings
If you want a chance to see some of the famous art you learn about in school up close and in person, Nidia, 17, recommends going to the Getty to see this show.
Movie review: High School Musical 2
The sequel to last year's surprise Disney Channel musical sensation mostly lived up to the hype, said Charlene, 14.
Book review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
The mysteries are answered in the awesome, action-packed final installment of J.K. Rowlying's epic series, says Se, 16. Don't worry, NO SPOILERS HERE!!!
Interview with Greg Louganis
The former Olympic diving champion talks about growing up, winning gold medals and living with HIV.
Movie Review: The Simpsons Movie
Helen, 17, enjoyed every minute of the Simpsons' adventures on the big screen.
Concert review: Projekt Revolution
The concert featuring My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park and many other rock bands was amazing, says Nattalie, 16.
L.A. Youth restaurant review: Auntie Em’s Kitchen
Want delicious breakfast and lunch food in a cute (Coca-Cola bottle vases) setting? Chelsea, 14, suggests trying Auntie Em's Kitchen in Eagle Rock.
Theater review: Jersey Boys
Oh what a night! Victoria, 17, loved Jersey Boys, the funny and touching musical about the careers of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.
Movie review: Rush Hour 3
With the same great chemistry and humor along with new spectacular new action scenes, Rush Hour 3 is a worth follow up to the other hit movies, says Jennifer, 17.
iPhone blues
Francisco's comic shows that the much-hyped iPhone might not be all it's cracked up to be.
I survived a week without TV
It started out torturous, but Charlene, 14, found out that she was more productive when she gave up television.
Growing pains
After years of wishing she were taller, Samantha, 17, now embraces being only 4 feet 9.
New L.A. Youth video
Check out a video about L.A. Youth on YouTube.
Movie review: El Cantante
It should have been an inspiring and tragic story, but the biopic about salsa pioneer Hector Lavoe instead left Jennifer, 17, just depressed.
L.A. Youth Restaurant Review: Bloom Café
Sam, 13, found delicious salads, healthy sandwiches and extraordinary pizzas in an expected place.
The X-Men saved me
Graphic novels are interesting stories that helped Lily, 17, escape problems at school. With a list of Lily's Top 5 graphic novels.
Big Burger
With summer job hunting just around the corner, Francisco, 15, created this comic strip about working in a fast-food restaurant.
Keep religion and government separated
Despite her religious beliefs, Hae Jin, 17, thinks abortion and gay marriage should be legal.
Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
The exciting action and special effects make the latest movie in the series the best yet say, 14-year-olds Sam and Gabe (in separate reviews).
An unexpected friendship
Brandy, 16, has so much fun hanging out with her mentor, and she helps her with her problems, too.
The rave-infused Klaxons put on a great live show
The musical stylings of The Klaxons transformed Leslie into a crazy fangirl at their recent concert.