Mi familia méxicana / My Mexican family
Tina, 16, takes great pride in her large, loving family and her culture.
Don’t judge my style
Paulina, 16, comments on the many individual styles of high school students.
The great outdoors
Danielle, 16, spent two great weeks this summer crawling through caves and eating mushroom slush.
Grumpy, crazy and demanding, but still the best teacher I ever had
Though he's mean, he's Emily's favorite teacher.
College out of state?
Sage, 17, checked out three East Coast schools this summer looking for her future home.
Take care of your teeth or else
When your dad's a dentist you learn a lot about oral hygiene. Eddie, 16, fills us in with this Q&A.
Sabor de Olvera Street / Flavorful Olvera Street
If you want to get a little taste of Mexico in Southern California, go downtown and check out Olvera Street, one of the oldest parts of Los Angeles. Check out these photos!
Saturday night peace vigil
Peace activist Hanah, 17, had some fun while trying to change the world.
Get a ride or catch a train? You decide.
Sarah, 16, says the new light rail line is as convenient as a car and brings new opportunities to Pasadena teens.
Mi herencia hondureña / My Honduran heritage
Chris, 15, wishes others would recognize that not every Hispanic is Mexican.
Celia Cruz, te extrañaremos
Chris and Valentina remember the amazing Cuban singer Celia Cruz.