Illustration by Connie Chung, 15, Gabrielino HS

Dad, please don’t gamble
A father's compulsive gambling affects an entire family.

"Where's Papa? How come he's not here?" I asked my mom. My mom seemed sad. She told me that he was at home sleeping. He had been up all night at the casino. She said it softly so my little sisters couldn't hear.
Summer snaps!!
L.A. Youth's enterprising summer workshop writers went out and captured the essence of a teen summer: hanging with friends, relaxing, having fun and maybe even sleeping in.
Friends come in all flavors
At first, being friends with people who looked different felt wrong to Katrina, 17. Then she changed her ways.
Remembering Sept. 11
Where are we now that a whole year has passed?
‘I want to change the world’
In a roundtable discussion, L.A. Youth staff members reflected on how things have changed over the past year since terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.
Teens view the Inglewood arrest in different ways
Things got heated this summer in Inglewood when a video camera captured a police officer hitting a teen.
What I wish I never saw
What started out as a peaceful afternoon at the library turned into a day Jaime, 16, will never forget.
It’s my music if I say it is
Terah, 16, wonders if rock is just for whites and rap is just for blacks.
What it’s like to be locked up?
Irina, 17, interviewed a classmate who described life in juvenile hall.
The foster care system is a mess
A lawsuit demands more help for kids in this messed up system.
The summer of kidnappings has teens scared
When kids were abducted this summer, it freaked out some of 16-year-old Sauntrie's friends.
TV needs a reality check
The reality TV craze is definitely over for Sauntrie, 16, who can't wait for programs with plots to resurface this fall.