Illustration by Hassan Nicholas, Hamilton HS (Los Angeles)

Get involved! (No really, you’ll like it!)
We should all be involved in making the world a better place—and here are profiles of three young people who have made a difference. Ana Fernandez fought to have construction finished on Belmont HS. Ardashes Kasskhian went from a campaign volunteer to campaign director. Areen Ibanosian organized an art exhibit to commemorate the Armenian Genocide.
Starving for answers to why my friend won’t eat
Liesel, 17, was shocked when her best friend’s “diet” became so extreme than she looked like a skeleton. What is a friend to do?
Protesting for a better world
Serious or silly, everyone had a cause at the protests outside the Democratic National Convention, observed Matt, 17. w/ photo gallery of the protests.
In search of the ultimate skate parks
Inspired by a love of inline skating, Jabez, 15, found eight of the craziest skate parks in Southern California. w/ skating photo gallery.
CityWalk—Oh what a night!
Ezeoma, 16, dug the new Universal Citywalk and its attractions for teens.
Me and Mumia
At first, Matt, 17, laughed at this man on death row; now he's fighting for his cause.
A daring graduation speech
How Suzanna, 18, snuck the truth about her school into her valedictorian speech
Presidential Candidates and their positions (plus a teen’s view)
Presidential candidates' views on five key issues.
Summer Jam: Where was the love for true hip hop?
At The Beat’s Summer Jam, it seemed like the crowd ignored the best artists and gave all the attention to whoever had a hit single at the time.
The trouble with Napster
As artists sue to keep their music from being given away for free on the Internet, teens must decide whether to continue downloading their stolen songs.