The media reflects complicated teen realities
Sometimes the media shows teens as smart, caring, struggling individuals who make a contribution to the world. And the media explains that some teens are violent, disturbed individuals.
A second chance: drug rehabilitation
Don't look down on people in rehab, look up to them—they have a whole lot of courage
A way out
Out of boredom, then because he couldn't stop, Ruben Lopez drank away his college dreams. But now that he's sober, things are looking up.
Adults commit more crime than teens
While everyone's talking about school shootings, the important story of child abuse and neglect is ignored—and then the politicians want to 'get tough' on teen crime
Does L.A. have anything for teens?
You might think L.A. offers little for teens, but with some determination, I found all kinds of wonderful places. There is stuff out there for us—you just have to try to find it
Fighting for AP class equality
All California students should have equal access to Advanced Placement classes, ACLU lawsuit states.
Got to Burn to Shine
Costumes, dancing, silliness and fanciful art on fire are all part of the Burning Man Festival.
I need more time!
Manage your time better by reading about Ambar's struggle, taking a quiz and learning some tips.
I’m Here There and Everywhere
New technologies like the Internet open a million new ways to invade my privacy—and yours—without us knowing about it.
Sweet Summer Jam
Busta Rhymes, Ja Rule, Faith Evans and Q-Tip heated up the scene
True survivors
Since we brought my cousins here from war-torn Kosovo, they've taught me about life, loss and love.
Want to be on the news?
Anchor Maureen O'Boyle describes how to make it in the competitive world of broadcast journalism.
Why do we all have to look the same?
Clothing should express who you are, not some company's label