Illustration by Cindy Kim, 17, Whitney HS (Cerritos)

Do I belong here?
The discrimination Miguel, 18, has faced has made him wonder if he’s welcome in America.

This was the first time I had faced racism and it made me wonder if people looked down on Latinos. But I didn’t find out why until 10th grade, when my class did a project on stereotypes in the media. That day our teacher was talking about the stereotypes of different people. We learned the stereotypes about Mexicans: that they are poor and lazy. I didn’t know that was how a lot of people saw us.
How (not) to get the guy
Jazmine, 17, wanted guys to know she liked them, but she was a failure at flirting.
Vegetarıan challenge
Many teens try to be vegetarian at some point in their lives, whether it’s for their health, animal rights or the environment. We decided to see how hard it would be to not eat meat for seven days.
He’ll always be part of my family
Melissa, 16, is grateful for the time she spent with her brother before he died.
Cheap and chic
Camille, 16, likes shopping at thrift stores because she can look good without spending a lot.
Spinning it old school
Sydney, 16, thinks vinyl records are the best way to listen to music.
No meat, no problem
Seth, 14, wasn't happy when his family decided to be vegan, but now he likes tofu and soy milk.
Sharing a room is messed up
Zzzahkia, 15, wonders why her sister can't be as neat as her.
Grading teachers
Our staff writers say there are better ways to evaluate teachers than using students’ test scores.
I’m ready to vote
Registering to vote was easier than Kristy expected, and it’s free.
Wikipedia works
Keziah, 17, now uses the website to look up more than just random facts.