Illustration by Lily Clark, 17, Immaculate Heart HS (2011 graduate)

Held down by depression
When Karen, 16, became so depressed that she stopped going to school, she realized she needed help.

In middle school I’d miss one or two days a week. In the morning my mom would nag me, “I’m going to get in the shower and I want you dressed by the time I get out.” I’d think, “I’m tired, let me go back to sleep. I don’t want to go to school.” But I’ve always had a hard time expressing my feelings so I wasn’t communicating what was going on inside me.
Working while in school was a balancing act
Jennifer, 18, liked earning extra money, but working a part‑time job didn’t leave her enough time to study.
My love for LEGOs keeps building
For 16-year-old Henry, they’re not just toys, they’re a way to be creative.
Teens look back on 9/11
Ten years later, teens say they have a better understanding of the attacks.
I should have kept my hands on the wheel
Yuri, 17, got into an accident because she was texting while driving.
The ultimate movie marathon
Trying to watch all the Best Picture nominees has turned Sydney, 16, on to some great films.
Violating my dress code
Wearing a dress for school dances is hard for Jean, 18, since she's a tomboy.
Protect yourself from STDs
Frank, 17, talked to two sexual health experts about the high rates of STDs among young people and the importance of getting tested.
Where can we
play ball?

Karina's softball team doesn’t even have a field, which makes her mad that girls’ sports aren’t treated the same as boys’.
What’s on your plate?
We challenged these teens to eat healthier by following the USDA's new food recommendations.
One last carefree summer
After Jessica, 17, didn't get a job, she had fun volunteering and hanging out with her friends.