Illustration by Michelle Cao, 16, Temple City HS

Saying no to gang life
A girl wanted to be a gang member until her cousin got killed in a drive-by shooting.

That night I started to think about what would happen if I became a gangbanger. People in crews tag, steal and use drugs. But people in gangs do more dangerous things like sell guns and kill. If I kept on this path, I was going to end up like my cousin. Dead.
L.A.’s (forgotten) River
Elliot, 18, was surprised to find out there’s more to it than concrete and trash.
Too important to forget
César Chávez fought to improve the lives of farm workers like 16-year-old Julian's grandfather.
Can I unplug?
These teens tried to go a week without their favorite technology.
Wait don’t recycle that yet
Alma, 17, realized that taking notes on old handouts is an easy way to help the environment.
So many videos, so little time
YouTube is where 15-year-old Cindy goes to laugh, get help with math and be amazed by regular people.
Finding harmony
Brian, 15, used to be picked on but band gave him the confidence to make friends.
I never gave up
Even though her family wasn’t there for her, 17-year-old Marisa was determined to get her education.
Freaked out by birds
Elizabeth's phobia makes her feel like the feathered beasts are always after her.
It’s hard being the new student
Ha Young, 15, was worried about the first day since she didn't know anyone.
What makes a good teacher?
Our staff writers say it’s passion, high expectations and relatable lessons.