Illustration by Lily Clark, 15, Immaculate Heart HS

It all adds up
Find out what some members of our teen staff learned when they had to keep track of what they bought for a week.

These experiences show how tempting it is to spend, but if you’re smart with your money, you can save and still have fun.
Should I be afraid?
I didn’t know what to do when harassing phone calls turned into threats.
Making food for the hungry
Audrey, 15, felt good knowing the peaches she helped dry while volunteering with a famine relief organization would help feed people around the world.
In defense of video games
Playing games with blood and guns hasn’t turned Nicholas, 14, violent.
From fast food to fitness
After being overweight as a kid, Justin, 17, learned to eat right and exercise.
Schools see effects of budget cuts
As they return to class, L.A. Youth writers share how the state budget deficit is affecting their schools.
I survived the road test
Despite nerves and an intimidating test proctor, John, 17, got his license.
Just dance
It doesn’t matter if it’s the Harlem shake or jerking, 15-year-old Taylor and her friends love to dance. WITH PHOTO GALLERY AND VIDEO.
I no longer feel worthless
After years of being teased, the support Tanya, 14, got at a new school helped her become confident and happy.
Saving for something better
Jean decided a sweet 16 birthday party wasn’t the best way to spend her hard-earned money.
Money Q&A
From making a budget to prioritizing needs vs. wants, expert advice on how to spend wisely and save for the future.
My first day of high school
Despite fires, unfamiliar faces and a bigger building, Jessica, 14, is finding her way in ninth grade.