Illustration by Brian Lopez-Santos, 17, Marshall HS

My life on meth
I was angry, out of control and only cared about getting high until overdosing finally pushed me to get clean.

I used to be this polite girl—so nice people would take advantage of me. After I started using meth I completely changed. Every day I was fighting people (mostly guys). My knuckles were always bloody. I also wasn’t taking care of myself. I wasn’t eating. I was really skinny. I was like an empty skeleton roaming the world, just taking up space.
Shattering stereotypes
Lia, 16, says recognizing our prejudices will help us eliminate them.
His lessons live on
Before Daisy's favorite teacher died, he challenged her to think for herself and encouraged her to pursue her dreams.
Surprise finish
Francisco Sandoval, 16, of Nogales HS created this comic about joining the cross country team.
My sugar-free life is still pretty sweet
Wendy, 16, used to hate having diabetes, but she's grown to accept her disease.
High gas prices slowed us down
Staying close to home and taking the bus are ways L.A. Youth writers survived gas prices.
What I did last summer
Sam, 15, took a figure drawing class.
Take our survey and you could win $100
L.A. Youth wants to know about your experiences with violence in your school and community.
I’m a loner but not lonely
It was worth the struggle for Ernesto, 16, to make friends, even though he still likes spending time alone.
Adventures in suburbia
Kevin and his friends found ways to have fun in their small town. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
Learning to love reading
Shannon, 18, used to hate reading, but once she found books that she was interested in, she realized that there are fascinating new worlds to explore.
A world apart: I lived on Skid Row
A teen spent four years on skid row, just blocks away from and in the shadows of high-rise buildings and prosperity. Reprinted from 2006 as part of L.A. Youth's 20th anniversary highlighting our best stories.
Awed by nature
Visiting the Grand Canyon was a great escape from 14-year-old Jabbar’s South L.A. neighborhood.
Music blog: playlists of summer
L.A. Youth staff writers create playlists to help us enjoy the summer.