Illustration by Sarah Evans, 17, Temple City HS

It’s in our hands
Once Se, 16, learned about global warming, he realized that we all can do something about it.

I started taking the bus even if my parents offered me a ride. Now I don’t go to sleep with the computer or TV on. I open the blinds instead of turning on the light during the day and turn off lights when I leave a room.

With Se's five recommendations on how you can help solve the global warming crisis.
Traveling green
Trying to be more environmentally friendly travelers, four L.A. Youth teen staff writers tried to go a week without using a car. How did they do?
Keepin’ it clean
L.A. Youth teen staffers joined spent a Saturday joining with hundreds of others to pick up trash from the beach. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
TV Review: Gossip Girl
Charlene, 14, says the new show about rich and glamorous New York teens is better than the book and good enough to replace the teen dramas she used to watch.
Cooking class
Francisco Sandoval, 15, of Nogales HS, created this comic strip about what can go wrong (and right) in home economics.
I finally learned to ride a bike!
Katherine, 18, was determined to learn before she started college.
Check out L.A. Youth on Youtube
Check out a video about L.A. Youth on YouTube.
A secret connection
A website of secrets sent in by anonymous people helped Devin, 16, deal with family problems.
An abusive home
It was hard for Deshon, 17, to go back to his house every day, knowing his grandmother might beat him.
A new soccer fan
English superstar David Beckham’s arrival in L.A. got Nico, 16, excited about the sport.
Classic teen movies that are still good today
Genevieve says these old movies are fun to watch and still relevant to teens today.
CD reviews
Arctic Monkeys, Linkin Park and Ice Cube get thumbs up from our reviewers.
Exploring Costa Rica
From white-water rafting to watching an active volcano, a school trip showed me that science doesn’t have to be boring.
Mental Health Survey results
Last spring we asked our readers about their attitudes toward seeking help for mental health problems and how to make getting help more acceptable. Here are the answers from the 630 students who responded (thanks for helping us out!).