Summer nights
From hanging at a Valley mall to updating one's LJ to picnicking in the park to late night band rehearsals, the staff of L.A. Youth captured how L.A. teens spent their evenings.
How thin do I have to be?
I got sucked into the scary online world of eating disorders.
Me and my brother
Things have changed since the days when Jesus, 18, was a pesky tag-along.
They got me through
Teresa's foster family gave her a stable home and a chance for a better future.
Eating right
When two teens tried a healthier diet, it was harder than they thought. This guy had to eat seven cups of vegetables!?
You can succeed at a troubled school
Bernandina, 18, never thought she would miss Fremont, but she learned to love the school that shaped her.
Under Pressure
The heat was on during 15-year-old Kathryn's first tennis match.
New Orleans is gone
Caroline, 17, shares the photos she took of the city a few days before Hurricane Katrina.
Finding time for friendship
My friend Bianca and I were so busy this summer, we had to be creative to fit each other in.
Can we end global poverty?
Eden, 17, thinks the U.S. should do more to help the world’s poor.