Illustration by Suzanne Berkovitz, 18

He ruined our family
A girl and her family went through hell after her mom started dating a new guy.

The beginning of their relationship was like a fairy tale. He was the dad I had always wanted. He made us feel like part of his family by taking us out to dinner and the movies. He was always making his kids laugh and giving them hugs. He set rules for them that were really strict but I assumed it was because he was worried about them. ...

... But after four months my mom started to change. She didn't go out as much. She made up excuses to avoid taking my younger sister and me to our sports and Girl Scouts. She said, "You guys don't need to go anyway."
Determined to speak
They told Emily, 17, she couldn't give the graduation speech, but she had to find a way.
Bouncing Back
After a disappointment in foster care, a teen battled his way back from depression.
Mis amigos latinos
Joining a Latino club and hanging out with friends taught George, 16, about Latino culture.
Knitting Gallery
As more teens are discovering knitting, the staff of L.A. Youth decided to find out what it’s all about.
Why does school start so early?
Hae Jin, 15, wonders if the school day starts too early.
Shooting for the NBA
Players, coaches and trainers offer their advice to young basketball players.
I (heartagram) my tattoo
Ray's tattoo, the symbol of his favorite band, represents who he is.
TV or not TV
Four teens tried to give up TV for two weeks—guess how many made it?
Curfew Panic
Late-night turn signals made Danny, 18, late—and mad.
What you need to know about sexual health
Valentina interviewed Dr. Mark Schuster the author of Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid They'd Ask. w/ list of clinics.