Photo by Kevin Yin, 17, Walnut HS

Why the election matters to me
Even though she can't vote, 17-year-old Avika cares about issues like jobs and college costs.

Though I was excited to wear my Obama shirt and talk to classmates about something more important than crushes or the school play, I couldn’t vote and the issues I cared about didn’t directly affect me. It wasn’t until my dad lost his job a month before the election that I felt touched by one of its central issues—the economy.
Making their college dreams come true
Yesenia, 18, worked hard in school because her immigrant parents wanted her to have opportunities they never had.
My brother and I share a special bond
Even though 16-year-old Katie’s older brother can’t talk or walk, they’re still there for each other.
Inspired to write
After Daisy, 17, read a poem by Sylvia Plath, she became her literary idol.
Feeling good about the Lakers
With Nash and Howard on the team, Cliff, 14, thinks the Lakers will be champs again.
In defense of my faith
Hanifati, 18, wants people to know that Islam is a peaceful faith.
Teens react to Barack Obama’s re-election
These Los Angeles teens were thrilled when Barack Obama won re-election against Republican Mitt Romney and they share their hopes for his second term.
We deserve safe parks
These teens say they wish security was better so they could use them more.
Get on board the Expo Line
Austin says, 16, there’s lots to do along the new light rail line that connects Culver City to downtown L.A. WITH PHOTO GALLERY
When does like become love?
It’s been hard for 16-year-old Zzzzah-Zzaz to know when to say ‘I love you.’
Comparing Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
Find out where the candidates stand on the issues you care about.
What do they stand for?
Melissa, 16, wasn't sure if she was a Republican or a Democrat.