Illustration by Alison Lee, 15, Whitney HS (Cerritos)

Learning beyond books
Kiera, 17, wants to be informed about what’s going on in the world, but her teachers ignore current events.

I wanted to hear the other students’ reactions and learn more about the events leading up to bin Laden’s capture and death. While reading news articles is informative, I learn so much more when I’m debating with my classmates because I’m able to hear many different opinions. I wish not talking about bin Laden’s death would have been a shock to me, but I was used to ignoring current events at school.
Getting the education
I deserve

Jazmine, 16, felt like no one cared at her old school, so she switched to a program that’s getting her ready for college.
Standing up for gay rights
Kristy, 17, joined the Gay-Straight Alliance to fight homophobia at her school.
Lunch time has
a whole new taste

Stefano, 14, and Victor, 18, give LAUSD's new healthier menu mixed reviews.
Occupy LAUSD march
protests cuts

Teens give their thoughts about the Occupy LAUSD march to protest budget cuts that have cost more than 1,200 teachers, nurses, librarians, psychologists and counselors their jobs.
Finally music to my ears
Sydney, 15, used to hate playing the oboe but she's grown to love its beautiful sound.
I’m glad she adopted me
Charles, 18, didn't always get why his mom pushed him to do good in school, but now he's grateful.
Dressed to express: How would you describe your style?
These teens say their style captures who they are.
Fresh food instead of fast food
Helping build a community garden turned 17-year-old Blanca into a vegetable lover.
Bringing animé to life
It was exciting for Amy, 17, to dress up as her favorite character at Anime Expo.
How can schools be more accepting of gay students
Following the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, who killed himself after being bullied because he was perceived to be gay, our teen writers say schools, teachers and students all need to do their part.