Picturing myself at college
Visiting schools made 16-year-old Yesenia's dream seem more real.

When I was in middle school all I knew about college came from UCLA and USC posters I saw hanging on the wall. I thought college was where you automatically go right after high school, where you get something called a “degree,” and then got a job. I had no idea how expensive it would be and how many different universities there were. All I knew was that I had to go.
Odd girl out
The cool kids didn’t accept Charmaine, 18, but she finally found a group that did.
Finally free from my anger
Going to a treatment center for troubled kids helped Tiffany stop fighting and become someone she's proud of.
Life in the bike lane
Getting around on his bike gives 17-year-old Sam the freedom to explore the city.
Stepping it up
Anthony, 16, loves to dance but he had to overcome his fear of performing.
The perks of being a nerd
It might not be cool, but 17-year-old Jose loves learning and the friends he's made.
The lows of getting high
When a girl smoked marijuana she was more irresponsible and she started losing her friends.
How to save a life
Learning CPR makes Sydney, 14, feel more prepared in an emergency.
Someone please hire me
Patricia, 19, has spent months trying to find her first job.
I’ve got spirit
Kheri, 16, says it's fun to be a cheerleader because she gets to pump up the crowd at football games.
Fighting to save my home
A proposed freeway extension could demolish the houses in 17-year-old Audrey's neighborhood.
Who should be governor?
Between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman, Aaron, 15, wanted to find out who would be best.