My second chance at school
After ditching and a serious illness, an alternative high school got Patricia, 18, back on track to graduate.

Growing up my parents would tell me almost every week how important my education was. They would tell me not to end up like them—waking up early for work and coming home late just to get paid a low salary for a job you don’t like. So I studied hard and got good grades.

But beginning in middle school I started to lose interest in school and my grades got worse.
Doing our part
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Is the curfew fair?
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L.A. on two wheels
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Catching on to juggling
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Rap that makes me think
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Math doesn’t add up for me
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I was out of control
Sara, 18, used to break windows and cause trouble, but now she's trying to think before she acts.
There’s more to school than books
In Korea all Ben, 17, did was study, but in America he gets to pursue his interests.
Determined to finish
Five teens share how an alternative school helped them succeed.
What you need to know about the flu
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