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Teens react to Barack Obama’s victory
L.A. Youth writers express pride, hope and some uncertainty about the future now that Democrat Barack Obama has been elected the 44th President of the United States.
Tuned in to this election
Even though Se, 17, can’t vote, he cares about who will be our new president.
Out of my brother’s shadow
With a brother who is good at everything, Charlene, 15, had to stop trying to be like him and discover her own interests.
Swept away
Reading the exciting plots in Internet love stories is an escape from 15-year-old Rebekah's everyday life.
Tricks not treats
Our teen staff writers share stories of the weirdest things they've gotten on Halloween.
Gay and so alone
At school and at home Marvin, 17, had to fight for acceptance. Reprinted from 2006 as part of L.A. Youth's 20th anniversary highlighting our best stories.
Making my vote count
First-time voter Fred, 18, wanted to learn as much as he could to form his own opinions about the candidates.
Finding my faith
Raymond, 18, realized after trying so many different things that brought him down that God was the one he needed. For that reason he drew this comic about his life.
On my own, now what?
Jeff struggled when he left foster care at 18, but with help from others his life is finally stable.
In step with my culture
When Sylvana, 17, tangos she can feel the South American rhythms flowing through her.
Going vegan was easier than I thought
Giving up cheeseburgers and her leather shoes wasn’t a sacrifice because of 16-year-old Addy's respect for animals.
Compare the candidates
To help you decide, here’s where the candidates stand on the issues.