Illustration by Brian Lopez-Santos, 16, Marshall HS

You call this home?
Brandy, 16, feels like the foster care system cares more about rules than the kids.

You have to ask permission for everything, like to get food from the fridge, cook, watch TV, use the phone, go in the backyard or take a shower (the staff say there is a schedule). How can you feel at home when you have to ask to eat or can’t go outside unless you have a staff member with you? It makes me feel like I’m in jail.
Testing my patience
Teachers focus too much on standardized tests, says Charlene, 14, instead of inspiring us to think for ourselves.
Facing the future
With all these important decisions to make about college, 16-year-old Alana is not sure she's ready.
Don’t ‘baby’ me
Cindy, 17, says offensive and demeaning cat calls make her feel like an object.
Scary movies
Halloween is coming up, so here are films our teen staff guarantees will give you a fright.
Streetball vs. the NBA
The AND 1 Tour streetball tournament showcased amazing basketball players and competitive games in an affordable, fan-friendly setting says, Sam, 15.
My sister is more than her disability
Jisu's sister is sassy, funny and loves Disney movies, which matters a lot more to Jisu than her sister's cerebral palsy.
Doctor dreams
Thanks to his dad and the TV show House, Jose, 14, has decided that he wants to help others.
Hiking in L.A.
Even in the city, Sasha, 18, and her friends enjoyed the outdoors. WITH HIKING PHOTO GALLERY.
Strays need our help
Too many animals in shelters are being killed because of overcrowding, but Leslie, 17, says there's something we can do about it.
Behind the scenes with my favorite chef
Samantha, 15, can’t believe she got to interview one of her idols, Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis.
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