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College: How we got accepted
Our special package on getting into college includes inspirational stories from students at San Fernando HS, advice from a teacher and a reality check from Geraldo, who almost let the pressure get to him too much.
College freak out
After sweating through college applications, Geraldo, 18, found out what really mattered to him.
One step at a time
San Fernando High English teacher Lori Pike explains her system for getting her students into four-year colleges.
The heat is on
These teens learned the recipe for success through a special culinary arts program. WITH PHOTO GALLERY!
Drumroll, please
After 18 years without a marching band, Fairfax High students are proud to have their spirit back.
I can’t believe it! I won a ticket to see my favorite band!
Nattalie, 16, won a contest to see emo-heartbreakers My Chemical Romace and met the lead singer.
CD Reviews
Our teen reviewers recommend some classic Pixies, the Goth-rock band Within Temptation and the soundtrack to The Chorus.
Nursing offers plenty of jobs and a chance to help others
If you enjoy helping people and want a well-paying, secure future, consider becoming a nurse.
List of nursing programs in Los Angeles County
There are programs throughout Los Angeles County that offer nursing degrees.
My second chance
Walking away from drugs and bad influences in Joel's neighborhood helped him straighten out his life.
No more labels for me
Melanie, 15, says that she's both black AND white, but there’s more to her than just her race.
Horror in Sudan: why is the world standing by?
Angry that countries aren't doing more to protect the millions in danger in Darfur, Sarah, 16, found ways that she can help people half a world away.
It’s just not that funny anymore
Shannon, 16, could really live without her classmates' constant interruptions.
A day that made a difference
Helping Mexican orphans was rewarding for us volunteers, too.
Who are those characters on Hollywood Boulevard?
Genevieve, 16, gets the scoop about what drives people to perform as movie characters on the streets of Hollywood.
Halloween tricks and treats
Three writers share their funny thoughts and experiences about this "scary" holiday.
Governor’s race
Angela, 15, reports where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Angelides stand on key issues, like education and the environment, in their race for Governor.